Students focused on their work in the classroom

The Woodinville High School curriculum offers students a well-balanced educational experience. Our school is noted for its rich tradition of providing comprehensive education, including academics, fine arts, technical education and vocational programs. Our curriculum is reviewed each year for relevancy and revision, and new classes are often offered. A number of programs are available for qualified juniors and seniors who wish to take college courses and earn credit at both the high school and college level. Advanced Placement, College in the High School, and College Credit Program classes provide students with the opportunity to get a head start on their post high school goals. In addition, many classes are available both at our school and through WaNIC, a program that allows students from our high school to attend other satellite high school campuses in the area for specialty course study. Woodinville High School also features classes for students whose test scores are below average, qualifying them for additional or alternative assistance.