Falcon Quest

Need a place to study and/or exchange ideas? Want to get a jump on homework or need a tutor?

Then come to Falcon Quest tutoring and home work club!

Meeting Schedule:

Monday          2:30 - 3:30  Library
Tuesday         2:30 - 3:30  Library
Wednesday   1:00 - 2:00   Library
Thursday       2:30 - 3:30   Library

You can also request a tutor via or online Tutor Request Form.

Want to become a Falcon Quest Tutor?

  • You can earn volunteer hours for Honor Society.
  • You can earn volunteer hours for Key Club.
  • You can list this on your college application -
    • Colleges love that you are helping other students.
  • You can use as a reference on your work resume for future employment
  • You can tutor for as long as you like, it's a volunteer position.
  • You will feel good about helping others.

To be come a Falcon Quest Tutor, you must...

  • Have passed the course you wish to help tutor with a B+ or better
  • Be approved by staff
  • Fill out the form (see below)
  • Be available to tutor in the library after school