Advanced Placement (AP) Program

AP Exam Registration October 15-November 4, 2021

AP exams will be administered pursuant to the College Board's AP Exam Schedule, May 2-6 & 9-13, 2022.

Testing location information will be sent out in the spring.

During class, AP students were provided with information designed to provide encouragement and to help students understand the three-step online registration and payment process through Total Registration and through AP Classroom.

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Step 1: Pay for your AP tests via Total Registration. Cost is $106 per exam.

  • We are unable to accept payment through TouchBase or at the Cashier’s/Main Office.
  • Exams ordered or cancelled after November 4 will incur a $40 fee per test.
  • Students with financial need should contact their counselor.
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Step 2: Use your AP Classroom Join Code(s) to commit to the AP test.

  • AP Teachers will provide Join Codes. If there are any questions, please email


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Step 3:  Complete the following Google Form for EACH AP Class you are enrolled in. (Fill out and submit the form multiple times if you are enrolled in multiple classes). 

  • Link to Google Form
  •  Opt-out if you do not plan to take the AP Exam, OR
  •  Confirm that you do plan to take the AP Exam
  •  Having problems? Ask for help on this form. One of the WHS AP Coordinators will assist you.

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Questions about AP?


AP classes at WHS are rigorous academic courses designed for students who are college bound. There is no placement test for AP.  Students self-select these courses and should be prepared to work at a college-level pace.  At the end of the course, the student is expected to take the AP exam which is managed by College Board.
AP exams are highly recognized by colleges and universities with regard to a student's preparation for the demands of college courses.  AP exams present an opportunity for college credit and/or higher placement in college courses.  Each college decides which AP exam grades it will accept for credit or placement.