Library FAQs

Why do students need to sign-in and out when coming to the library?

Students coming to the library during class time need to bring a signed note from their teacher and sign in at the circulation counter when they arrive and sign out when they leave. The student's legible sign-in is the library program's official attendance record and will be used in situations like fire and earthquake drills. Students visiting the library during passing periods, options, lunch, or before and after school do not need to sign in.

How do I know when a book is overdue?

To know if your book is overdue, login to the Woodinville High School Library Catalog with your NSD Credentials. Click the My Info tab. You can now see every book checked out to you, including library books and classroom text books.

What are NSD credentials?

NSD credentials are your student identification number and server password. 

What are the library rules and expectations?

Respect People and Property

Preserve the Learning Environment

Leave Food and Drink Outside

Use Headphones when Working with Sound

Follow Directions from Library Staff

Computers are for Academic Purposes

All NSD and WHS Rules Apply in the Library

What should I do if a class is in session and I want to study in the library?

If a class is in session, and there is room on the study-side of the library, and you have your teacher's permission to be in the library, then you are welcome to have a seat and study. Please make sure you are signed in at the circulation counter with your full name and teacher's name.

Are food and beverages allowed in the library?

No, food and beverages are not allowed in the library. Food and beverages may be consumed in the Commons.

Are computers monitored in the library?

Yes, computers can be monitored at anytime remotely or in-person by NSD staff.