Event Planning - Fundraisers, Drives, Non-Fundraising Events

Planning a WHS Event/Fundraiser?

At WHS, pre-approval of events and fundraisers are required prior to any advertising or posting of events on social media:

Facility use must also be approved:

These resources are available to assist!

Events including Amusement Activities

The Amusement Activities ChecklistPDF download will help you determine which activities and inflatables are approved for Northshore as well as conditions that must be met prior to reserving inflatables or participating in some activities. Using the form as your guide for choosing appropriate activities will speed up the purchasing process and cut down on any delays that may occur. 

  • The Amusement Activities Checklist must be completed, signed appropriate, and attached to your "pink sheet" requisition before a purchase order and contract can be sent to a vendor. The .pdf form can be completed electronically and printed for the required signature.

Questions? Contact Activities Director Kurt Melton.