Fundraising is an important part of operating Fundraising ASB Clubs. Procedures for operating a fundraiser are outlined in Northshore School District's Fundraising Procedures Manual.
Prior to fundraising: 
  • View ASB Fundraising: Generating Ideas and Tips to help develop your fundraiser.
  • Determine if the fundraiser is an ASB fundraiser, a Booster Club fundraiser, or a Charitable fundraiser. (See lower right corner of this webpage for additional information regarding Charitable fundraisers.)
  • Document plans for the fundraiser and its related expenditures in meeting minutes.
  • Do not sign any contracts with any vendors!
  • A "Request for Fundraising Activity" must be completed and signed by the advisor and a student representative and submitted to Mr. Melton prior to advertising the fundraiser, commencing any sales, or making any purchases to support the fundraising activity. 
    • The intent form should be provided at least 10 - 15 days prior to the event to allow time for securing facility use (if needed), promoting the fundraiser and purchasing goods/services needed for the fundraiser. 
    • Attach the meeting minutes to the request form.
    • Request forms can be delivered to Mr. Melton or Mrs. Mrs. Kongkarat in the ASB/Cashier's Office or to Mrs. Schwans.
  • A WHS Room Request must be submitted to determine if facilities are available.
  • Fundraisers involving food/beverage sales must meet all USDA Smart Snack Guidelines!
    • This rule means that all foods and beverages sold as fundraisers on school campuses from midnight until 30 minutes after the last bell (7th period ends at 3:30 p.m.), must meet all of the nutrition guidelines set forth in the rule. (The campus is defined as anywhere students have access.)
    • Check the food items you'd like to sell on the Smart Snacks Product Calculator.
  • The Parent Opt Out form must be provided to parents of any students involved in the fundraiser who will be handling cash (including here on campus, such as sales in the Commons at lunches) and/or selling items off campus.
  • The Authorization to Cashier form must be completed and signed by the parent of any student who will be handling a cash box during a fundraiser.
During the fundraiser: 
  • Throughout the sale, funds MUST be counted by at least two people and then deposited with Mrs. Kongkarat or Mrs. Schwans in the ASB/Cashier's Office DAILY and intact.
  • All advertising must identify what ASB group/club is benefiting from the fundraiser. 
  • NSD Cash Handling Guidelines must be followed.
After the fundraiser: 
  • After the fundraiser is completed, a reconciliation MUST be completed per ASB regulations.  

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Kurt Melton
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Fundraising Forms

Fundraising forms can be found at the ASB/Cashier's Office on the right-hand side under the staff mailboxes in the Main Office.

Ticket Sales Forms

What about charitable fundraising?

Charitable fundraisers must be approved by Mr. Melton.
To be eligible, the designated charity must appear on the Secretary of State "Charities Program" website: