Fundraising is an important part of operating Fundraising ASB Clubs. Procedures for operating a fundraiser are outlined in Northshore School District's Fundraising Procedures Manual.

Fundraising Events/Activities

Collecting Fees

In addition to clubs running fundraising events/activities, fundraising also includes the collection of fees for dues, or registrations, field trips, etc.  The collection of fees requires a completed "Request for Fundraising Activity" form.

Collection of funds for fees MUST be handled through the Cashier's Office.

Questions? Contact Mrs. Kongkarat or Mrs. Schwans.

What about charitable fundraising?

Charitable fundraisers must be approved by Mr. Kelly and follow the Before, During, and After fundraising steps listed above AND the Charitable Fundraising Procedures.
Additionally, to be eligible, the designated charity must appear on the Secretary of State "Charities Program" website:

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