Smart Snack Guidelines


As you are working with your students on fundraising ideas, please keep in mind that the USDA Smart Snacks in School Rule became effective in the 2014-15 school year.

This rule means that all foods and beverages sold as fundraisers on school campuses from midnight until 30 minutes after the school day ends (3:20 p.m. plus 30 minutes = 3:50 p.m.), must meet all of the nutrition guidelines set forth in the rule. (The campus is defined as anywhere students have access.)

Also keep in mind that if an allowable food and/or beverage fundraiser is established, Tina in the kitchen must be consulted so she can prepare for the possible impact it could have on their food preparation and sales. Please note because of collective bargaining and board policy, entrees will not be an option to be sold in student stores or fundraisers.

To determine if a food or beverage your student(s) would like to sell is allowed, the following resources are available: