Club Formation

Want to form a new club at WHS?

There are two platforms for organized clubs:

  1. Non-Fundraising ASB Clubs
  2. Fundraising ASB Clubs

What's the difference between "Non-Fundraising ASB Clubs" and "Fundraising ASB Clubs"?

  1. Non-Fundraising ASB Clubs must have an adult advisor but cannot fundraise or spend through an ASB account
  2. Fundraising ASB Clubs can fundraise and spend through an ASB account and must have a faculty advisor (applications of this type happen only in the spring)
  3. Both types of clubs must have a Constitution

Both types require a faculty advisor, the completion of an application and the submission of a Constitution.

  • A "Fundraising ASB Club" also requires the submission of a budget. 
  • The only time of year a new fundraising club or an existing "Non-Fundraising ASB Club" can submit to become a "Fundraising ASB Club" is during the spring, typically in March, when budgets are being adopted for the next school year. The Student Council then meets in April and votes as to whether an application to become a "Fundraising ASB Club" is accepted. 
  • Applications for "Non-Fundraising ASB Clubs" are accepted throughout the school year.

Making Application 

To make application, express your intentions to Mr. Melton. Then, complete the appropriate application and have it signed by the faculty advisor. Completed applications and Constitutions and/or budgets are then turned in to Mr. Melton or Mrs. Kongkarat/Mrs. Schwans in the ASB/Cashier's Office.

Please see Mr. Melton or Mrs. Kongkarat/Mrs. Schwans if you have any questions.

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Contact Us

Kurt Melton
Activities Director

Nicki Kongkarat 
ASB Secretary/Bookkeeper

Club Formation Process & Guidelines

Establishing a Non-Fundraising ASB Club

Establishing a Fundraising ASB Club (Spring ONLY)

Club Formation Applications

Non-Fundraising ASB  Club Application

Fundraising ASB Club Application (Spring ONLY)

Constitution Template (Fillable-Required for both non-fundraising and fundraising clubs)