Ping Pong

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The Ping Pong Club is seeking donations to fund the purchase of equipment, club activities and future tournaments. 

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Ping pong club touchbase lite donation page

*see directions below*



A username/password are not needed.

1.     Under the Item drop down menu on the right-hand side under Cart, select “WHS PING PONG TBL DONATION”.

2.     Under Amount, designate how much you would like to donate by clicking the up/down toggle or typing in the amount (The sum will move into your Cart).

3.     Under Memo, add a message, if desired.

4.     Click Buy (The sum will move into your Cart).

5.     Click Cart

6.     Click Pay

7.     Enter your First Name, Last Name, Address, Phone, and Email

8.     Click Pay

9.     Enter your credit/debit card information

10.  Click I’m not a robot

11.  Click Pay

12.  You will then be able to print, download, or send your receipt to your email address.

Thank you for supporting the WHS Ping Pong Club!

Ping Pong Club

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Advisor Iani Penev


Interested in Ping Pong Club? Contact Advisor Iani Penev to learn more!