Theatre Tickets-Winter Play

WHS Winter Play: Hamlet

The award-winning Woodinville High School Theatre Company is excited to present William Shakespeare’s masterpiece The Tragedy of Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark!


Performances will be held in the Woodinville High School Theater:

  • February 5-8, 7 p.m.

Online tickets available for purchase on TouchBase!

  • General Admission $12
  • Students w/ASB $8
  • Seniors 65+ $8

Individuals with students in Northshore will be able to purchase tickets by logging into their TouchBase account (do not create a Guest Account!). 

Individuals who do not have students in Northshore can create a Guest Account at TouchBase

Tickets purchased online will be available at Will Call. If online tickets are sold out, tickets will still be available for purchase at the door on a first come, first serve basis. The box office opens at 6:15 p.m. each show night.

Written around 1599, Hamlet tells the story of the ghost of the King of Denmark who tells his son Hamlet to avenge his death by killing his uncle, the new King of Denmark. Hamlet feigns madness, contemplates life and death and then seeks revenge. So, how do you make a dense, lengthy, and archaic text that has been performed thousands of times - and read begrudgingly by most high school seniors for the past century - accessible and engaging to a modern audience?

The WHS Theatre Company has adapted the play in such a way as to move the action forward at a contemporary pace, reset the show with the audiences seated on stage - thus closer to the action - and set the story in a modern context. By cross-casting several key players and splitting the role of Hamlet into his id, ego and superego, yet retaining the language, structure and spirit of Shakespeare’s tragedy, the play is presented as a psychological thriller that affords us a look inside the mind of Hamlet. Come out and see this classic in a new light.

The cast is comprised of 22 of Woodinville High School Theatre Company’s students, including seniors Sidney Braden, Emerson Cobbley, Chris Dembo, Garrett Fisher, Henry Goss-Grubbs, Mailene Gross, Tess Halbert, Wesley Hesselgrave, Nicole McMillan, Ben Nickerson, Gennifer Noy, Larke Parsons-Keir and Neil Ziemba, as well as juniors Jenna Byers, Austin Glenn, Anna Jackson, Carmen Katsaros, Anna Lokken, Carson Parker, Jack Preston, Jordan Ransom and Kaley Roughton.

Many of the technical aspects of the show, everything from set building and sound to publicity, are handled by crews of students from the WHS Technical Theatre program. Technical theatre students include: Lauren Prescott (Stage Manager), Audrey Szot (Assistant Stage Manager/Paint Head), Grace Henrich (Sound Designer/Technical Director/Paint Head), Jessica Clark (Lighting Designer/Technical Director), Quinn Congrove (Lighting Designer), Julie Rios and Freja Crouch (Costumers), Matthew Armstrong and Joey Roberts (Master Carpenters), Aaliyah Price (Props Head), Edie Ventrella and Madi Riley (Hair and Makeup), and Anya Egts (House Manager).

The show is adapted, directed and designed by Josh Butchart; with support from Katharina Bomers-Muller (Producer), Stephanie Penoyer (Assistant Producer), Steve Cooper (Lights), Nathaniel Gibbs (Sound), Marsha Stueckle (Costumes), and the Woodinville Drama Boosters, led by Kelly Locke and Emily Mus.

Theatre Director:
Josh Butchart