Yearbooks are sold on a pre-sale basis ONLY for $55 each online (August 20-22) or in person during Falcon Days (August 21-22), September 4-20, and, finally, December 2-20. Pursuant to resale tax rules, yearbooks will not be sold at any other time during the school year.

Please plan accordingly as many students who believe they do not want a yearbook during the sale windows at the start of the year feel differently as the school year comes to a close and they are unable to purchase one!

Please be reminded that if during the course of the year more than one yearbook is purchased – there will be no refunds.  If you purchase two yearbooks, you will be given two books, not one book and a refund for the other.

2019-20 Yearbook Information

Wondering about picking up your already purchased yearbook? At this time we don’t have an official date yet. We are scheduled to get them in late July! 

1) WHS 2019-20 Yearbook Distribution Update:
As previously announced, the production of Woodinville High School’s 2019-20 Wingspan Yearbook, “Reflections”, was complete and submitted to the production company, Balfour, on April 15th.  Balfour is the company who prints and binds our books. However, due to COVID-19 and state closures, Balfour’s Production Plant in Dallas, Texas was closed. They reopened on May 19th and have been publishing books as safely and fast as they can. We have been assured our book “Reflections” is currently in production. We have an estimated delivery of sometime in late July. Without an actual specific delivery date we are at a standstill as to what we can plan in the way of distributing the book to those of you who purchased a book.

As Yearbook Editor Clara Krause announced during the June 4 Senior Awards Recognition premiere, “Even though you aren't able to have it in your hands today like usual, I hope when you do receive this book you reflect on all that you and your classmates have accomplished…” Clara further expressed, “Sadly we'll have to wait until late July when the book is planning to be delivered to truly see it. Once that time comes we'll have information posted on the WHS website about how to obtain your book.” 

Please continue to monitor all forms of communication: WHS E-News from the Principal, WHS website, and yearbook website for distribution news. If you have any questions feel free to contact Yearbook Adviser Sharon Alder at

2) Lottery to purchase an “extra” Yearbook - Submit by June 15:

Each year we have extra books which we can sell to those who missed the first two selling times. Please fill out the Google Form for the 2020 Yearbook Lottery if you are interested in purchasing one of these books. Please know that this does not guarantee you a book, as we have a limited number of books to sell. It is first come first served. We need the form filled out by June 15th. Lottery purchasers will be notified and the yearbook fee will be added to their TouchBase account. The yearbook will then need to be purchased by June 19th.

3) Options for Yearbook Signing Tips:
One of the greatest traditions about a yearbook is the ability to have your friends sign your book and due to COVID-19 and School Closures this will not be taking place like is has in the past. With your gifts and abilities with technology I know that you can figure out how to do some sort of “signing party” to connect you with your friends don’t let anything take away your joy of the end of the year. Find a way to make it happen. If you have any great ideas please share them with me at Here are a few suggestions:

1) If you are getting together with friends in small socially-distanced appropriate groups and senior parties you could get either buy address labels (the 4” x 2”) or post it’s to have your friends “sign” your book and then when you get the actual book you could just stick them in your book. (You can find these at office supply stores or the Dollar Story). This can be a fun way to personalize your labels or Post-its.

  • A) As restrictions loosen up and you are gathering with your friends you can actually host a “Yearbook” signing party for you and your friends. It’s a great way to reconnect after our long absence.
  • B) If you are still social distancing, you can have your gathering via Zoom or some platform like Zoom.

2) You could send a Google Doc or Google Form to your friends “signing” your yearbooks and then once you have the book you can print out the signatures and paste them in your book.

4) Class of 2020 Last Picture Request:
We have the ability to create a supplemental page that we can add into the 2020 “Reflections” book but we need your help. Yearbook couldn’t take pictures of this event but we know you did. At school, in the halls, in the auditorium, in the parking lot, at home, with friends. Please send us your pictures to or to Clara Krause and she is going to build a final page or two to celebrate the Class of 2020.

Parents/Family and Students we will need all pictures by June 22, 2020. Like always we reserve the right to choose school appropriate pictures. Thank you so much for your continued support and help.

Yearbook Senior Ads due December 20!

All senior ads submitted to the WHS Yearbook must be created and paid for online through

Senior Ads

Class of 2020 Senior Yearbook Photos:
Due Thursday, October 31, 2019

Provided size and other requirements are met, as outlined below, seniors can submit a photograph for the yearbook from whichever professional photographer a family chooses; OR a photograph taken by an amateur; OR seniors can choose to have the free Dorian photo (taken for their required ID card during Falcon Days or on make-up day September 10) published in the yearbook.

All images taken by Dorian are sent directly to our yearbook adviser, Ms. Alder. Seniors who may want a different senior photo published in the yearbook other than the one Dorian provides must submit the photo via an upload directly to Balfour* per the following guidelines: 

  • Senior photos must be uploaded by Thursday, October 31, 2019
  • The image should be in JPEG format
  • Since our yearbook is a reference for the school year, the image must be a vertical headshot of head and shoulders (No hats, no animals, no face paint, and no props – just the student. Photo submitted that are not head/shoulder shots will be zoomed in by the yearbook editors.)
  • The image must be 300 dpi (Maximum file size is 10MB per image. Be sure cell phone photos or photos from the web meet these size requirements so they can be reproduced in the yearbook. If the senior is working with a professional photographer, please upload the original file from your photographer.)
  • There is no need to resize your photo. All photos uploaded per the size requirements specified above will be adjusted to fit the yearbook specifications.

Should you have any questions, please email Ms. Alder at

Information for Senior Photos 2019-20 School Year

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Sharon Alder

2019-20 Yearbook Sales Windows

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