Yearbook 2020-21

2020-21 Yearbook Lottery Announcement - Submit by June 1!

If you didn’t purchase a yearbook you have one last opportunity to submit your name for the yearbook lottery. 

WHS doesn't normally order extra books for those who didn't pre-pay. However, if the publisher ships extra books, which is not guaranteed each year, we will have a lottery drawing for those who would like to purchase a yearbook. If there are extra books available, students will be randomly selected to have the opportunity to purchase a yearbook ($45.00).

To sign up for the lottery fill out the following form, click here:

The deadline to submit your name is Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Students will be contacted if they were selected for the lottery using the email entered in the form on June 2. Your name will then be sent to Mrs. Kongkarat, the cashier/bookkeeper and she will add it to your Touchbase Account as a “fine”. You will be able to purchase it after June 2nd.

If you choose not to purchase the book, email both of us and we will take it off your account.

We do not have an exact date as to when we will be distributing the book (it’s coming from TX). Please pay attention to the WHS Website. If you aren't sure if you purchased a yearbook you can check your Touchbase Account.


Any questions contact: Sharon Alder, Yearbook Adviser or Nicki Kongkarat Cashier/Bookkeeper or your counselor.

Thank you again for all of your continued love and support of this program, my students and I greatly appreciate all of the help you have given us through this year. ~Sharon Alder-Yearbook Adviser

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DUE: 12/16/2020

All senior ads submitted to the WHS Yearbook must be created and paid for online at:



Last Chance!

Final Yearbooks Sales for the 2020-21 School Year Dec. 1-18

Final yearbook sales for the 2020-21 school year take place now through December 18. Yearbooks are sold on a pre-sale basis ONLY for $45.00 each. PURSUANT TO RESALE TAX RULES, THERE WILL NOT BE ANOTHER YEARBOOK SALES WINDOW DURING THE 2020-21 SCHOOL YEAR. Guaranteed yearbook pre-sales will not take place after December 18!

  • This means that we may get a few extras to sell in June, but it is a based on a Lottery System available to seniors first. There is absolutely no guarantee an extra yearbook will be available for purchase if you decide later that you want a yearbook.
Yearbooks can be purchased during the above window online through Touchbase 24-hours a day.  Parents and guardians can check their TouchBase account history to determine if a yearbook has already been purchased.To log into TouchBase, please use your parent/guardian unique user name and password, as guest accounts will not link to the item.

Thank you for your support of WHS through your purchase of a yearbook!

2019-20 Yearbook Cover


This year, the "Reflections" Yearbook, appropriately, includes a mirror on the cover. To see the mirror, students must peel the cut out ("kisscut") of the Falcon off of the cover.  It is highly recommended that students view this instructional video for directions on how to peel the cut out from the cover. Written instructions are also outlined below.

2019-20 Yearbook Cover Instructions:


**PLEASE Know that if for some reason you mess up your cover removing the kisscut from the mirror Wingspan/WHS Yearbook  cannot be held responsible for replacing it. We are sorry, but it is impossible to replace, we don’t have extras. 

IF for any reason you are nervous about peeling the Falcon off, just leave it and bring the book to Mrs. Alder room 238 when we all come back to school. She is happy to help you.

If you would rather, a quick video explaining this process is also available through the ASB Instagram and this google drive link (you must be signed in to your NSD Gmail to access): 

Step 1: Grab an X-Acto knife, a kitchen knife, pair of tweezers or something with a thin sharp edge.

Step 2: At the point of the Falcon’s tail, slowly and carefully pick at the edge, allowing you to pinch it. You should see a little sliver of the mirror peeking out underneath.

Step 3: Pull up on the edge towards the head of the falcon.

The shape of the bird will rip as you pull up; this is fine, grab the ripped edge and slowly peel towards the tip of the wing. You will see the mirror begin to appear underneath.

Step 4: As you approach the tip of the wing pull the paper taught and gently pull into the center of the bird. The paper should come right out, leaving the points in the wing now as a mirror.

When you pull the points of the wing out, they may come up a bit, do not fret, you can simply press them back down onto the surface with your finger.

Step 5: Repeat peeling the wing on the other side of the falcon, and any parts you may have missed.

Step 6: Celebrate and go through your well-earned and much awaited REFLECTIONS yearbook!



Contact Us

Sharon Alder

2020-21 Yearbook Information

Price: $45.00

Sales Windows:
September 4-25, 2020
December 1-18, 2020

2020-21 yearbooks are sold on a pre-sale basis ONLY for $45  September 2-25, and, finally, December 1-18 through TouchBase. Pursuant to resale tax rules, yearbooks will not be sold at any other time during the school year.

Please plan accordingly as many students who believe they do not want a yearbook during the sale windows at the start of the year feel differently as the school year comes to a close and they are unable to purchase one!

Please be reminded that if during the course of the year more than one yearbook is purchased – there will be no refunds.  If you purchase two yearbooks, you will be given two books, not one book and a refund for the other.