Yearbook 2023-24

Important Yearbook Information & Updates

Below are some very important key dates and information regarding Yearbooks:

  • Senior Photos - Class of 2024, confirm your photo has been submitted. Click here for the link to Senior Photo Spreadsheet (we are still working on the Dorian Photos)
  • Senior Grad Ads are on sale through the Publisher's website through Friday, December 15th. For more information, please click here (please use a computer as not all functions work on a phone).
  • Please make sure your preferred name is solidified by Tuesday, November 14th. Please reach out to your counselor to complete the paperwork to have your preferred name in the Yearbook.
  • Yearbook needs your help collecting photos to put into the book! This ensures that your memories of the school year are captured in the Yearbook. Click Here for Link to Yearbook Snap App Access Code: Falcons 24
    Here are a list of photos we need:
    • Volunteering
    • First Day of School
    • Hiking
    • JV Men's Tennis
    • You and Your Sibling
    • Camping
    • You and Your Car
    • You and Your Pet
    • Football C-Team
  • Yearbooks will go back on sale November 27 - December 15. This is the last opportunity to guarantee you will receive a Yearbook in June.

Posted 11/8/2023

Senior Yearbook Information

My name is Sharon Alder and I am the Yearbook Adviser at Woodinville High School. Periodically this year I will be reaching out to you with important yearbook information as well as requesting pictures that you are interested in sharing with us to use in the yearbook.

I want you to  know my Yearbook Class and I are building this “memory book” for the Class of 2024. This is your final yearbook as a High School Student and we want you to be featured all over it. You can help us by sending in photos when we request them. When we request pictures, we have a two week deadline to finish that double page spread and send it off to the publisher to be printed.

When we ask for pictures, your senior picture as well as pictures for one of the student life pages we create, we need them by the deadlines you will find on the request email. Meeting these deadlines ensures us getting your yearbook in time for handing them out at Senior Awards night in June.

Senior Photos: Here at Woodinville H.S. it has been a tradition to swap out or replace the Dorian (ASB Card) picture for a “nice” picture. 

-This picture DOES NOT have to be a professional photograph. 

-You may have a “nice” picture of yourself that you took this summer at your Grandma’s 

Farm in Wisconsin. That is PERFECT. 

-If you would like, I have photographers who would love to take your picture in a nice 

Senior Portrait style and we will share the pictures with you free of charge.

-If you are happy with your ASB Card picture, that will be the one we use if you don’t send in a replacement.

***Senior nice photo will be due Oct. 26th. We will send out a request email with a link for you to upload the photo. Please DO NOT email Mrs. Alder your photo, this is how photos can get lost.

The due date to purchase Grad Ads is Dec. 15


Purchasing Yearbooks: 

*Yearbook are on sale for $55.00 now until Sept. 22

*There is one more selling period Nov 27th-Dec. 15th. 

*If you don’t buy one now or in the second selling period I cannot guarantee that there will be a book for you to have. You need to purchase them now in order to guarantee you have one in June. 

For information to purchase on online please click this link: Online purchasing Link

If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to email me. Thank you so much for your time.

Sharon Alder
Yearbook Adviser
Woodinville High School

Class of 2024 Senior Yearbook Photos: Due Thursday, October 26

Class of 2024 seniors, parents, and guardians will receive information via email from Yearbook Advisor Sharon Alder on October 1 with specific photo size requirements and upload information for senior yearbook photos.

Senior photos for publication in the yearbook be can from the following sources:

o    Whichever professional photographer a family chooses; OR

o    A photograph taken by an amateur; OR

o    Seniors can choose to have the free Dorian photo (taken for their required ID card during Falcon Days or on make-up day Tuesday, September 12)

Once the specific information becomes available from Ms. Alder, please note most professional photographers can upload the image for the senior or can provide the senior with a .jpeg image digitally for the senior to upload themselves.

Class of 2024 Grad Ads

Class of 2024 Grad Ads will be available for purchase later in the fall. Various sizes/pricing will be available.

Class of 2024 Yearbook Questions

Thank you for your patience while Ms. Alder is on summer break .  





Contact Us

Sharon Alder

2023-24 Yearbook Information

Price: $55.00

Sales Windows:
Aug 23-31, 2023
Sept 6 - Sept 22, 2023
Nov 27-Dec 15, 2023

2023-24 yearbooks are sold on a pre-sale basis ONLY for $55  August 23-31, September 6-22, and, finally, November 27 - December 15 online through TouchBase or at the Cashier's or Main Office with cash/check/debit/credit.

Pursuant to resale tax rules, yearbooks will not be sold at any other time during the school year.

Parents/Guardians can check TouchBase  history to see if a yearbook has been purchased.  

Please plan accordingly as many students who believe they do not want a yearbook during the sale windows at the start of the year feel differently as the school year comes to a close and they are unable to purchase one!

Please be reminded that if during the course of the year more than one yearbook is purchased – there will be no refunds.  If you purchase two yearbooks, you will be given two books, not one book and a refund for the other.



Class of 2024 Yearbook Questions

Should you have any questions, please email Ms. Alder at Thank you for your patience during summer break :)

Class of 2024 Senior Yearbook Photos: Due, Thursday, October 26.

Preferred Name Confirmation: Due Tuesday, November 14


Class of 2024 Grad Ads: 

Due Friday, December 15