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Athletics During COVID-19

Athletics Weekly COVID Testing 

Northshore School District requires mandatory COVID testing for all coaches and students to participate in sports. COVID batch testing takes place every Wednesday night from 5:30pm-8:00pm at WHS and is for the following week's participation.  

Only sports that are in season or sports that are conditioning need to get tested. Students will need to bring a signed consent form and photo ID. 

Student-athletes must attend the weekly Athletics testing even if tested during their in-person hybrid class.

If a student has had a COVID positive test, please email AD Cathy Boyce with the test information and date. Students that have tested positive DO NOT batch test for 90 days.

Map of WHS Athletics COVID testing


Season 1 (Fall Sports): March 1 - April 3
Boys Golf
Boys Tennis
Cross Country
Football (February 24 start)
Girls Soccer
Girls Swim and Dive
Slowpitch Softball

Season 2 (Winter Sports): April 5 - May 8
Girls Basketball
Boys Swim and Dive
Gymnastics (March 29 start)

*Season 3 (Spring Sports): May 3 - June 12
KingCo Badminton
Boys Soccer
Fastpitch Softball
Girls Golf
Girls Tennis
Track and Field
Boys Lacrosse

*Spring sports participants must attend the WHS Athletics COVID Testing on Wednesday, April 28, 5:30pm-8:00pm, to be cleared for the first week of tryouts/practice.

Cheer - only senior cheerleaders will participate this year
Rowing - TBD
Unified Bowling and Soccer - TBD
Water Polo - TBD

Some, not all, teams will be conditioning. You must have a FinalForms registration to participate. 

Coaches will communicate conditioning and season information via FinalForms to those that are registered. You must have a FinalForms registration in order to receive sport specific communication.


FinalForms is an online registration platform for Athletics registration. You can register for a fall, winter and/or spring sport at the same time.

Required Prior to Participation in Athletics 
In order to participate in the first day of tryouts or practice, a FinalForms registration must be completed by both parent and student and a current sports physical must be on file with the WHS Athletic Office. Sports physicals are good for two years from the exam date.

Visit our Register for Athletics page for more information and to register on FinalForms.

Visit our Teams page for a list of sports offered each season.

Academic Eligibility Requirements
Student athletes in high school are expected to meet or exceed a 2.0 GPA in order to be eligible to participate in school-sponsored activities. There are regular grade checks for each sports season.

  • NSD Standard: Minimum 2.0 GPA each semester
  • WIAA Standard: Passing 6 classes
  • Visit the Eligibility page for more information

Questions? We're here to help!

  • If you have any questions, are having issues registering on FinalForms, or need to check on a physical expiration date, please email Renae Hector, WHS Athletic Secretary, at


Sports fees have been reduced for the 20-21 modified sports seasons.

Fighting for Equity and Racial Justice

Athletic Directors standing on the field at Pop Keeney Stadium

From left to right: Duggan Harman (NSD), Vanessa Blake (NSD), Lance Gatter (IHS), Melton Jefferson (NCHS), Yonni Mills (BHS), Cathy Boyce (WHS), Steve Simpson (NSD)

As we look across our nation during this time of both pandemic and social unrest, the Athletic Directors of Northshore stand together fighting for Equity and Racial Justice. We all may not be starting this journey from the same place, but we stand together to make Northshore a safe and supportive environment for all students and families. During this challenging time, we promise to work together in this fight to diminish institutional barriers and promote racial and educational justice. We commit to making this a better place for every person employed by or served by our schools in the Northshore School District.



Cathy Boyce
Athletic Director

Renae Hector
Athletic Secretary

Nicki Kongkarat
ASB Secretary/Bookkeeper

Angela Calicchio
Athletic Trainer

FAX Number*
(WHS Main Office/Athletics)

*Note: Faxes are not accessible to staff during the COVID-19 building closure.

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