23-24 Volleyball Team

2023-2024 Volleyball Team

Thanks for a great season! We look forward to seeing you in the new year. Check out the WHS 2024 Volleyball Calendar for specific dates of upcoming activities.

Any other questions, please feel free to contact Coach Jessika Burrow.

Coaches will email updated information and details via Final Forms. You must be registered in order to receive these emails.

WHS Volleyball Code of Conduct

  • Please read the expectations for the WHS Volleyball Program
  • Players will be held accountable for excellent behaviors for the upcoming season, on and off the court. Successful programs hold each other to high standards. This is an opportunity to start building a team of players, parents, coaches, and staff who hold each other accountable and rely on each other to make this experience outstanding. To promote maximum achievement, safe performances, commitment to excellence in health and conditioning, and to fulfill your responsibilities as student leaders by setting a positive example for other students. Please understand that It is a privilege to use your body and mind at such a high level, we should treat ourselves with care. 

Some C-team games are scheduled as "Freshman". Click the link below to see games that are missing from the above "Froshmore" schedule.