College Readiness and Questions

Woodinville High School is here to support with the college application and selection process! We hope the College Timeline and additional information below will be of support! If you have further questions, please contact your counselor!   

  Counselor  Alphabet                  Email          Phone 
  Mrs. Miller  A  - C   425.408.7420  
  Mrs. Lamb  D - H 425.408.7421
  Mr. Churchill  I - Mi 425.408.7423
  Mr. Hirsch  Mo - Sh 425.408.7422
  Mrs. Brenner   Si  - Z 425.408.7506

 College, Career, & Running Start  

   Email your counselor  425.408.7428


Upcoming College Visits - Week Of September 21-25:

University of Florida September 21st 11:15 am
Purdue University - Main Campus September 21st 11:15 am
Willamette University September 21st  11:15 am
University of Arizona September 21st 2:50 pm
University of Connecticut September 21st 2:50 pm
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology September 22nd 7:15 am
Texas A&M University - College Station September 22nd 11:15 am
University of Glasgow September 22nd 2:50 pm
University of California - San Diego September 23rd 11:15 am
University of Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh Campus September 23rd 11:15 am
Bently University September 24th 7:15 am
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute September 24th 7:15 am
Washington & Jefferson College September 24th 11:15 am
Hawaii Pacific University September 25th 11:15 am


For a complete list of college visits, please go to Naviance. 

Directions for College Application Process (PDF)
Senior Application "Cheat Sheet"
High School & Beyond Plan

College Time Line

How do I find Money for college?

How do I choose the right college or university?

2-year Community and Technical Colleges

Over 1000 across the US

  • Everyone can attend! 
  • Semesters (Fall/Spring)
  • Quarters (Fall/Winter/Spring)
  • No ACT or SAT required
  • Typically Smaller class sizes
  • Must take an assessment test
  • Less tuition than 4-year college or universities
  • Offers transfer degree programs
  • Offers vocational certification programs
  • Offers 4-year college degrees on campus. 

Local Community Colleges

Bellevue Community College

Cascadia Community College

Edmonds Community College

Everett Community College

Lake Washington Inst of Tech

Shoreline Community College

Whatcom Community College





4-Year Colleges!

  • Must be accepted 
  • Semesters or Quarters
  • Must take ACT or SAT (for most)
  • Class sizes can be upward to (400+)
  • Tuition varies (public and private)
  • Offers 4-year degree programs

Local Universities

Central Washington University


Eastern Washington University

Evergreen University


University of Washington

University of Washington (Bothell)

Washington State University

Western Washington University

Whitworth University



College Visits

How and when do I apply?