Senior Application Process

WHS Senior Handbook

We created this handbook to help guide you through your senior year, specifically the college application process. Check it out! Link to the full handbook can be access here

Senior Videos

Watch the videos below to learn the WHS process of how to apply to college!

Counselor Presentations in May 2022

Application Process

When to Use Naviance

  1. Add ALL Colleges/Universities to “Colleges I’m Applying to” (even if you aren’t requesting a transcript)
  2. Make sure to click “Request Transcript” so that Mrs. Porter can send your transcripts to schools who require one. Do not submit a request for Colleges in the Common Application or Coalition.
  3. Complete All High School and Beyond “Tasks” found under the “My Planner” tab. This is a graduation requirement!


Please visit and/or for information regarding testing during Covid.

Additionally, we encourage you to look at the websites of colleges and universities you are interested in or intend on applying to for specific SAT and ACT college admissions requirements.

College Essay

Most Colleges/Universities require you submit an essay with your application. Check the college’s website for admission requirements and the specific prompt that you need to respond to in your essay. Ask a teacher, friend or other reliable source to provide feedback or edits as you write and finalize your essay. ALSO plan to attend "College Apps and Snacks" for Counselor feedback/support.

College Apps and Snacks

What is College Apps and Snacks?

Counselors block out virtual office hours specifically to chat about your college apps! Counselors can provide feedback and support for any questions related to applications, college essays, recommendations, etc.

Check with your counselor for upcoming dates!