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Hi Falcons! The Counseling Team is here to support you!

In-Person Appointments

Cohort Group A and B students can schedule an in-person appointment (Group A - M/T and Group B - Th/F) by visiting the links below. QR codes have also been posted on the windows outside the Counseling Office and College & Career Center And/Or students may check in with Ms. Porter in the Counseling Center if you're in need of immediate assistance, while in the building.

Ms. Miller, Ms. Lamb, Mr. Churchill, Mr. Hirsch, or Ms. Brenner

Running Start- Ms. Gerlinger

Special Projects - Mr. Stevens

Zoom Appointments

Counselors will continue to be available by Zoom and email for Groups A, B, and our 100% Remote students (Group C). Counselors will be available by Zoom on Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri, during the scheduled "intervention" times from 12:30-2:35pm, in addition to all day on Wednesday during Asynchronous learning.

Cohort C students can schedule a Zoom appointment at this link:

Counselors Individual Zoom Rooms

A-C:      Ms. Miller
D-H:      Ms. Lamb
I-Me:      Mr. Churchill
Mi-Sc:  Mr. Hirsch
Se-Z:      Ms. Brenner
Running Start: Ms. Gerlinger

*Please note per District safety protocols parents are only allowed in the office on an emergency basis.  Staff work remotely on Wednesdays and are not on campus that day. Traffic in the office is limited due to health and safety protocols, therefore pre-scheduled meetings using the online booking system is encouraged.


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Meet the Counseling Team!

Meet the Counseling Team and learn how to schedule appointments to meet with them in person or by Zoom!

If you or a loved one are in a mental health crisis, call the King County Crisis Line at 206-461-3222, text HELLO to 741741, dial 911, or go to the nearest Emergency Room.