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Registration Process

Currently Enrolled Students

Current Falcons in grades 9, 10, and 11 and current incoming NSD 8th-grade students in the WHS pathway click below to begin the 2021-22 registration process! This registration process is how we gather the information for course requests for our automatically rolled up/currently enrolled students.

Note: Due to a nation-wide update to the Student Information System by EduPoint the evening of February 24, the registration deadline has been extended to Sunday, February 28, 11:59pm.



New & Former NSD Students

Online registration taking place between February 9 and March 3 is for currently enrolled WHS students and 8th-grade NSD students in our feeder pattern. All new incoming students not currently enrolled in NSD, or who at one time were formerly enrolled in NSD (even if back in preschool), have a separate enrollment process. Newly enrolling or formerly enrolled students will be provided a course selection sheet by email after March 22 once all their initial enrollment documents have been submitted and reviewed.

See the appropriate drop down below under Registration Timeline & Due Dates:

  • New to WHS Service Area or from Private School/Home School/Outside Enrollment" OR
  • Former NSD Students Returning to WHS"

Registration Timeline & Due Dates


Learn waiver information and the application process.

  • Waivered students transferring to a new level of schooling (5th to 6th grade or 8th to 9th grade).  
    • In-district - will need to submit a new waiver, if you do not want to attend your home school.
    • Out-of-district- will need to submit a new choice transfer request.
    • All efforts will be made to keep students in their current waiver feeder pattern but it cannot be guaranteed.  
  • Middle School and High School Waivers: You will need to register at your home school; unless you have an approved waiver




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*Please note to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 the Woodinville High School offices are operating on intermittent office hours and working remotely. Please expect a response to phone calls and/or emails within two business days. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

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