Naviance is a web-based system our district uses to help students evaluate their interests, strengths, weaknesses, and create a plan for what path to take after high school.  Naviance helps with college and career readiness, college applications, and the high school and Beyond plan (Graduation Requirement) tasks are located within.  All students who are actively enrolled already have an account.  Parents do not have accounts, but can ask their students to share what they are doing in Naviance. 

Here is the process for logging in:

Students must complete the following Naviance tasks:


12th Grade

·       Complete Educational Goal 

·       Complete Build or Update Resume 

·       Complete Scholarship Search 

·       Complete Edit My Plan 4-year Plan 

·       Complete HSBP Graduation Track Survey 

All tasks assigned 09th - 12th are required to be completed for Graduation Requirements!!


11th Grade

  • Create/Update Educational Goal 
  • Begin Scholarship Search 
  • Complete Super Match college search· 
  • Add Colleges to my list 
  • Begin Build or Update Resume 
  • Update Add Careers to my list 
  • Update Edit My Plan 4-year Plan

All tasks assigned from 9th - 11th grade must be completed as a graduation requirement! 


10th Grade

  • Create/Update Educational Goal
  • Complete Do What You Are 2.0
  • Complete Career Interest Profiler
  • Update Edit My Plan 4-year plan
  • Update Add Careers to my list

All tasks assigned must be completed for graduation requirements! 


9th Grade

·       Create Educational Goal

·       Complete Strengths Explorer

·       Begin Edit My Plan 4-year course plan with PPR identification

·       Update Add Careers to my list

·       Update Career Cluster Finder

·       Update Career Key

·       Update Career Clusters to my list


Must be completed for graduation requirements!