Naviance High School & Beyond Plan

Naviance is a web-based system our district uses to help students evaluate their interests, strengths, weaknesses, and create a plan for what path to take after high school.  Naviance helps with college and career readiness, college applications, and the high school and Beyond plan (Graduation Requirement) tasks are located within.  All students who are actively enrolled already have an account.  Parents do not have accounts, but can ask their students to share what they are doing in Naviance. 

We are excited to announce that accessing NAVIANCE is going to be easier this year!  Naviance is now part of the Clever Portal. 

1. Please log in to your Clever account

2. Look for the new Naviance icon/button under Learning Resources (see image below; last image on the right).

3. Click on the Naviance icon/button you will go directly into your Naviance account.


Where to find your High School and Beyond Plan Tasks

  • Look for "My Planner" and select Tasks
  • Follow the instructions to complete each individual task assigned
  • Once you have completed all assigned tasks, you will have met this graduation requirement

Students must complete the following Naviance tasks: