Help I need a Tutor

Academic Support Available at WHS!

If you are falling behind or getting low grades, here are some tips to help you understand the material and bring up your grade!

  • Always ask for help. Our teachers are here to help you succeed in your classes.
  • If the teacher cannot help you during class, please ask him/her when it would be a good time to meet or to schedule an appointment after school. 
  • Remember, it may take more than one meeting with your teacher(s) for you to reach your goal.
  • Join a study group or ask someone in class if they can help. 


Still Need Help?

If you still do not understand, help is available:

  1. Students can attend "Falcon Quest" where student tutors are available or to have a place for additional study time.
  2. Check with your counselor for a list of Falcon Quest Tutors and outside tutors.
  3. Attend a WHS Tutorial Session with a certificated WHS staff member:

Issue in your Class? 

Sometimes there are issues that come up in a classroom and help is needed.  Please follow the below steps for a quick resolution.  

  1. Student will make an appointment teacher.
    • If issue is not resolved, go to step 2. 
  2. Student please ask your parent to make an appointment with your teacher (student must attend as well).
    • If issue is not resolved, go to step 3. 
  3. Step 3: Student please have your parent contact your counselor and a Parent, Teacher, Student (student MUST attend) and Counselor meeting will be scheduled.

We hope that any conflict can be resolved at the student and teacher level. If not, we are here to help.