Senior Survey & Scholarship Reporting

The Senior Survey and Scholarship Reporting must be completed by May 2.

Information collected from the Senior Survey and the Scholarship Reporting process is used for a variety of purposes:

  • Recognition at the June 6 Senior Awards Night Ceremony and within the printed Senior Awards Night program distributed that evening
  • Commencement Ceremony participation
  • Consent to release final official transcript to post-secondary colleges and universities, etc.
  • WHS school profile data needed for post-secondary student applications, etc.

It is vital that seniors complete the Senior Survey and the Scholarship Reporting process on time due to publishing and printing deadlines.


Senior Survey Instructions

1. Go to Naviance

2. Log in using:

a.    Username: student ID #

b.    Password: your 8-digit birthdate (numbers only) 

3. Use the link to “Senior Survey” to enter your responses.

Senior Survey completion is due by May 2. 


Scholarship Reporting Instructions

Many seniors have received scholarships to help pay for college. These scholarships might be from the school you are going to attend or "outside" scholarships you applied for. We need to know about all of them in order to (a) recognize you at Senior Awards Night and (b) track the amount of money that has been awarded to this graduating class. Here is what we don't need: Scholarships from schools you are not attending, Federal Pell Grant, State Need Grant, and Loans awarded from FAFSA.

In order to complete this task, seniors need to do two things: 1) tell us the scholarships and amounts you have been awarded (step 1 below) and 2) submit proof of submitted award (step 2 below).

  1. Enter the scholarships you have received using the survey provided under the "About Me" tab in the upper left hand corner of Naviance.
  2. Provide proof of scholarship in one of the following 3 ways:
  • Email Ms. Krochmalny a scanned copy to
  • Scan and upload it to your "journal" under the About Me tab (in the "interesting things about me" area)
  • See Ms. Krochmalny in the CCC or Mrs. Porter in the counseling office and show proof in person

Scholarship Reporting steps 1 and 2 must be accomplished by May 2nd or it will not be printed in the Senior Awards Night program.

If you have any questions about the above requirements, please see Ms. Krochmalny or Mrs. Porter.

naviance login
User name:  Student number     01010101
  Password:    Student birthday    01/01/2000


MAY 2: Senior Survey and Scholarship Reporting and documentation due. If you do not complete both the survey and upload the documentation (if applicable) by this date, your scholarship recognition will not be printed in the Senior Awards Night program.

MAY 3 - 17: Update any changes or additions to your scholarship information by returning to the survey using the instructions above. Although updates cannot be printed in the Senior Awards Night program, you will still receive recognition at the ceremony.

May 17: After this date the Senior Survey will be closed. Any changes or additions must be made by notifying Mrs. Porter in the counseling center.

For questions regarding this process contact Ms. Krochmalny at or call (425) 408-7428.


Mrs. Krochmalny

Mrs. Porter

Scholarship Notification Changed
After Original Submission?

If a senior is notified of a scholarship or a change to a scholarship after their original scholarship documentation was submitted, an update must be submitted by May 17.

Senior Survey & Scholarship Reporting Week
April 22-27

If not yet completed, during the week of April 22-27, seniors must complete their online Senior Survey in Naviance at home or in the Library during an assigned Options period.

  • The survey takes no more than 5 minutes to accomplish. 
  • All seniors must complete the Senior Survey regardless of scholarship status.