2019-20 Yearbook Information

2019-20 Yearbook Information

Wondering about picking up your already purchased yearbook? At this time we don’t have an official date yet. We are scheduled to get them in late July! 

1) WHS 2019-20 Yearbook Distribution Update:

As previously announced, the production of Woodinville High School’s 2019-20 Wingspan Yearbook, “Reflections”, was complete and submitted to the production company, Balfour, on April 15th.  Balfour is the company who prints and binds our books. However, due to COVID-19 and state closures, Balfour’s Production Plant in Dallas, Texas was closed. They reopened on May 19th and have been publishing books as safely and fast as they can. We have been assured our book “Reflections” is currently in production. We have an estimated delivery of sometime in late July. Without an actual specific delivery date we are at a standstill as to what we can plan in the way of distributing the book to those of you who purchased a book.

As Yearbook Editor Clara Krause announced during the June 4 Senior Awards Recognition premiere, “Even though you aren't able to have it in your hands today like usual, I hope when you do receive this book you reflect on all that you and your classmates have accomplished…” Clara further expressed, “Sadly we'll have to wait until late July when the book is planning to be delivered to truly see it. Once that time comes we'll have information posted on the WHS website about how to obtain your book.” 

Please continue to monitor all forms of communication: WHS E-News from the Principal, WHS website, and yearbook website for distribution news. If you have any questions feel free to contact Yearbook Adviser Sharon Alder at salder@nsd.org.