Talon Time Advisory 2021-22: Wednesdays, 1:20-1:50p & Thursdays, 2:50-3:20p

What is Talon Time Advisory?

  • Talon Time Advisory is listed as period 9 on student schedules.
  • Advisory is a class, so attendance will be taken.
    • Students who are absent or need early dismissals should follow the same procedures for advisory as they do for any other class.
  • Advisory is a .25 credit course students attend on block days.
    • Over the course of four years, students will earn one elective credit. 
    • The course is Pass/No Credit.
    • Credit will be based on engagement in lessons throughout the year.

The purpose of advisory is help students navigate high school with the support of a consistent Falcon Community. In most cases, students will keep the same advisory teacher from year to year while attending WHS.

Announcements, assignments, ASB activities, graduation requirement guidance, such as High School & Beyond, and grade-level presentations will be a regular part of advisory, as well as study time with advisors and tutorials with classroom teachers for academic support. Study time and tutorial sessions are a gift of time during the school day for students to finish homework and to get extra help from teachers. Students have the opportunity to request Tutorial time in advance with classroom teachers each week on Thursdays during Advisory.