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Exterior view of Woodinville High School

Welcome to Woodinville High School!

Woodinville High School is an accredited high school that serves roughly 1,800 students from the Woodinville area. Woodinville High School opened in 1983 with the mission of serving the expanding population of the city of Woodinville and nearby environs.

The 40-acre site of Woodinville High School sits on the east side of the Northshore School District within the city limits of Woodinville and has over 100 staff members and 60 classrooms.

In 2006, voters approved $18 million in bonds to fund the first of three planned phases of renovation for Woodinville High School. Construction for Phase 1 began in 2008. Voters approved the 2010 bond and Phase 2a, the Academic Wing opened in the fall of 2011. Phase 2b, the Performing Arts Wing was completed in late 2012. In February, 2014, voters approved bonds to fund the final Phase 3, the Gymnasium, and the Arts, Technology, and Special Education building, expected to be completed by 2017.

The Phase 2a and Phase 2b Academic and Performing Arts Wing projects completed at Woodinville High School have made it a state of the art facility.

Incorporated into the new classroom building are:

  • Larger general classroom space
  • Flexible teaching areas that accommodate individual and group instruction
  • Wider hallways and stairs
  • Improved natural light
  • Centralized campus services with a commons
  • Clear fields of view to enhance supervision and security
  • Increased parking capacity

Sixty classrooms are in use daily for students. The school gym and fields are used in the evenings and on the weekends for special events by the community.

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"One Falcon, One Family"


"Care, Respect, Leadership"


The Woodinville High School mission is to become a community of learners, providing a safe,encouraging environment for developing the mind, body and spirit.

School Colors:

Kelly Green and White with Navy Blue Accent

School Mascot:


Fight Song:

(To the tune of "The Victors", University of Michigan)

Falcons so fierce in flight
We hail to your strength and might
Our spirit will never die
So fly, Falcons fly
Cheers to our glorious teams
And here's to our victories
The Falcon's cry will not be still
O mighty Woodinville