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Ron Taylor
Assistant Principal
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Dear Falcon Families:

One of my grandchildren jokingly asked, what I would like to do when I grow up? I responded by saying, “I don’t know. I will let you know when I have grown up.”

Serving in education over many years as a teacher, coach, MS principal, HS principal, Superintendent, and national speaker has kept me very engaged; always an active learner, and insatiably curious about how best to support the human flourishing of students with whom I work. And yes, still after 30+ years in education, this ever-adaptive work continues to keep me youthful as I seek, along with other educators to create a “climate of possibility (Ken Robinson)” for students under my care.

Married to Kathy, a clinic psychologist, who works with youth and families in private practice, I am one of the prime beneficiaries of her scholarly training. Our many conversations about childhood/teen development, the psyche, and effects of trauma and stress on today’s students has provided me with resources and knowledge, normally only found in attending post-grad courses. Kathy is a constant teacher and wise guide for me, helping me traverse the teen landscape with perspective and joy.

Together, we have two children (Jessica, Ron Jr.) who have given us the gift of six grandchildren. Each of whom are crazy fun to watch grow, learn, and display their individual quirks, skills, sense of humor, and perspectives on life. Four of our six grandchildren live in Kirkland, while the other two live in the Central Coast in California.

When not at work one may find me wearing my hat backward, doing all possible to live life with zest as I may be found hanging with our grandchildren, lifting weights, grounding my club (gotta stop doing this!) on the golf course, stepping vigorously on the stair machine (while listening to podcasts and gasping for air), swinging kettlebells and lifting weights, doing various manner of burpees (burpees, by the way, can make me a cussing man), playing tennis and double-faulting too frequently, swimming at the lake, surfing on the California coast, enjoying cooking a great meal for family and friends, reading books (love to read), taking long walks, and running errands so I may cook again.

I look forward to supporting our Falcon Family and getting to know our students, parents, guardians, and staff!


Ron Taylor
Assistant Principal