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Woodinville High School's curriculum offers students a well-balanced educational experience. Our school is noted for its rich tradition of providing a comprehensive education in what we refer to as the "5 A's": Academics, Activities, Advanced Placement, Athletics, and the Arts.


  • All eligible students who are new to our district or who were formerly withdrawn and want to enroll, must submit all required enrollment documents to attend Woodinville High School.
  • Once all eligible student enrollment paperwork is received and verified, a high school counselor will review the student's file and will then reach out to register the student for courses.
  • Online registration for 2022-23 that took place between February 14 and March 9, 2022 was for currently enrolled WHS students and 8th-grade NSD students in our feeder pattern. All new incoming students not currently enrolled in NSD, or who at one time were formerly enrolled in NSD (even if back in preschool), have a separate enrollment process.
    • Newly enrolling or formerly enrolled students who took part in the February 14-March 9 process were provided with a course selection sheet by email (after March 28) once all their initial enrollment documents had been submitted and reviewed. See Step 1, below.

Step 1 - Determine Eligibility

Step 2 - Enroll

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Roberta Porter
Counseling Office Manager
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Spring Registration Process 
for the 2022-23 School Year

Current Students in
Pathway Grades 11, 10, 9, & 8:


Former or Returning Students in Pathway Grades 11, 10, 9, & 8:


Course Catalog 2022-23

Course Catalog 2022-23