To help get you to the correct enrollment form, please answer a couple of questions:

Registration Forms and Required Documents

All students who are new to our district, or formerly withdrawn students, must register to attend Woodinville High School.  Students living in our service area moving up from Leota Middle School or Timbercrest Middle School do not need to re-register at WHS. Once all enrollment paperwork is received and verified a high school counselor will review your student's file and reach out to you to schedule an appointment to register for courses. Official student schedules will be made available at a later date towards the start of the school year. You will need to provide an official sealed transcript in order to transfer high school credit previously earned.

Registration Information for the Classes of 2020 - 2023*

See our "Registration forms and required documents" page to download forms. Please note, in addition to the registration forms you will need to provide the following in order to register:

  • Proof of age for the student - provide a copy of birth certificate or passport
  • Proof of residency living in our service area - provide a copy of a current utility bill or current signed rental agreement
  • Immunization record - provide a copy from your health care provider. The CIS form needs to be completely filled out with required parent signatures in two places at the top and all immunizations entered.
  • Academic history - provide either an unofficial transcript, report cards, and current class schedule. A withdraw slip showing exit grades will need to be provided if transferring during the school year.

Enrollment During the Summer

Families moving into the Woodinville High School service area over the summer may download our registration forms or may pick up a registration packet from our WHS main office on Mondays through Thursdays from 8am until 1pm.

  • The counseling office is closed the month of July.
  • The counseling office will re-open on Monday, Aug. 5th
  • A New Student Registration/Orientation will be offered after counselors return on Tuesday, Aug. 20th.

Please note, all required registration paperwork and documents will need to be turned in ahead of time in order for your student to be registered for classes at the New Student Registration/Orientation.

Counseling Office Manager

Roberta Porter
425.408.7402 FAX

(The counseling office is closed the month of July) 

WHS Library, 9am

(This is not for incoming freshmen who have rolled up from Timbercrest MS or Leota MS.)

To schedule classes for the 2019-20 school year, counselors will meet with incoming students who registered during the Spring and did not attend the Spring New Student Orientation and also for any students who have moved into our service area over the Summer and are NEW to WHS.

Please be sure you have submitted a complete registration packet prior to attending in order for your student to be enrolled.

We will be meeting in the library on August 20th from 9-11am.

Questions? Please contact Counseling Office Manager Roberta Porter at rporter2@nsd.org or 425-408-7418.