Attendance Validation Process

Daily attendance, instructional time, and active participation in each class are critical to the learning process.

If a student has three (3) or more days of unexcused absences in a class, regardless of total number of absences, a conference with administration is needed.

Students with seven (7) unexcused absences in a month or fifteen (15) unexcused absences in a year, a petition may be filed with the Juvenile Court. Discipline suspensions that have caused a student to miss class and/or school-related absences will not count against a student's attendance.

If your son or daughter experiences an illness, medical condition or an accident that leads to an extended absence, please contact your student's counselor as soon as possible. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to schedule medical appointments outside of the school day whenever possible.

It is recommended that students and parents/guardians keep a list of all absences as they occur throughout the school year, including the reasons.

A doctor's note should be obtained when a student misses school for a doctor's appointment or for extended illnesses or injuries. The doctor's note should be brought to the Attendance Office to be filed in the student's attendance file.