Prearranged Absences

Download prearranged absence contract

When known in advance that a student will be absent for several days, the absence should be prearranged. Parents and guardians are asked to keep in mind that an absence from school, even though work is made up, is not advisable unless absolutely necessary and may result in a lowered grade. Instruction may not be repeated and could adversely affect a student's final grade.

Parents and students are strongly encouraged to review the school calendar, and when at all possible, schedule activities such as vacations, etc., on days that would not require missing school. When this is not possible and a student must miss several days of school, the student should:

Prearrange absences by requesting his or her teachers complete and sign a Prearranged Absence Contract. Prearranged Absence Contracts are available at the Attendance Office; or click on the link here Prearranged Absence Contract.

Upon completion of the Prearranged Absence Contract by his or her teachers, the student must then have the Prearranged Absence Contract signed by his or her parent/guardian. Bring the fully signed Prearranged Absence Contract to the Attendance Office for approval prior to the absence period.

Note: A teacher's approval does not eliminate the need to complete missed course work.