Parking Permits


Reminder: Parking hangers for the 2019-20 school year need to be returned! Hangers should be returned during designated "Return & Pick-Up Day" to avoid a $25 fine added to student's TouchBase account. June 23 and June 24, 10am-2pm, are the alternate return dates/times for students who haven’t returned their items. 

The deadline to submit early parking applications for 2020-21 on-campus parking was June 15th and the availability of parking applications online is closed now. Online parking applications will be accepted and approved again once the new school year starts.

Senior, WaNIC/Running Start students and juniors in sanctioned yearlong activities and fall non-cut sports who submitted an early application will get final approval and the parking fee added to their Touchbase accounts in mid August, barring any unexpected changes to the school schedule.

Reminder: All school fines must be paid to be approved for and purchase a parking permit.

For questions regarding 2020-21 school year on-campus parking, please contact the Campus Supervisor.



Parking Yearly
Taxes included

Parking Seasonal
Taxes included

**IMPORTANT: Parking Hanger Return Information**

All WHS parking hangers are due back at either the end of the season for seasonal permits or by the end of the school year for yearlong permits.

A $25 fine is assessed for any hanger not returned.

  • Seniors must pay all outstanding fines and fees to receive a diploma.
  • Juniors must pay all fines to receive a hanger for the next year.