Student Handbook

Each student receives a printed copy of the Woodinville High School Student Handbook at the beginning of the school year. This document includes the Policies and Procedures that students are expected to understand and follow.

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Woodinville High School

Mission, Moto, Theme & Philosophy




The mission of Woodinville High School is to become a community of learners, providing a safe and encouraging environment for developing the mind, body, and spirit.





“Care, Respect, Leadership”



“One Falcon, One Family”




A school is a community of learners, a safe, and encouraging environment for developing the mind, body, and spirit. It remains sensitive to the larger community as a vehicle for its values and as a proving ground for extending its vision. The staff and faculty of Woodinville High School foster a positive, friendly attitude in the school community by modeling an open-minded appreciation of human differences, by demonstrating pride in self and school by encouraging self-discipline, and by experimentation which recognizes learning as a life-long process. Furthermore, the school nurtures an environment warm with humor, rich in challenge.


To manifest this philosophy, we specify the following objectives:

1.      To provide a safe and healthy environment for learning, an environment that promotes a positive self-image, sensitive cooperation, and mutual respect.

2.      To provide for students a core curriculum that offers equal access to continued educational opportunities.

3.      To provide elective choices for students so they may select from diverse vocational, avocational, and academically enriched programs.

4.      To challenge intellectually all students at their appropriate level, recognizing the diverse ways by which students learn.

5.      To identify and challenge exceptional students, gifted as well as handicapped.

6.      To help students develop and demonstrate creative expression in the fine arts.

7.      To accommodate physical differences so all students can participate in sports and challenge themselves in recognized athletic competition.

8.      To promote an awareness of social, political, and ethical responsibility.

9.      To encourage cultural sensitivity by acknowledging and teaching cultural differences and encouraging exchange programs.

10.    To nurture civic awareness and responsibility through mutual cooperation with the Woodinville community.

11.    To acknowledge our responsibility for environmental stewardship.

12.    To provide the opportunity to enhance physical and emotional health and to develop healthy habits.


To offer a variety of curricular and extracurricular activities through which students may develop talents, values, and social skills.

Falcon Facts

Falcon Facts


School Colors

  Kelly Green and White with Navy Blue Accent


School Mascot



Fight Song

Falcons so fierce in flight, we hail to your strength and might,

Our spirit will never die so fly, Falcons, fly.

Cheers to our glorious teams and here’s to our victories.

The Falcon’s cry will not be still O mighty Woodinville.

Campus Expectations

Campus Expectations


Northshore School District’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook: Student Responsibilities and Rules of Pupil Conduct (Policy 3200) is on the Woodinville High School website.  All students who attend the district's schools shall comply with the written policies, rules and regulations of the schools. The expectation of all students is that they will read, become familiar and comply with the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook: Student Responsibilities and Rules of Pupil Conduct. Contact the WHS Main Office for a paper copy, if desired.


At Woodinville High School…

·     We CARE for our campus by respecting school property. We help keep the campus free of litter and lunch garbage, and we refrain from writing on walls, tearing down or writing on posters, defacing property, or spitting.

·     We RESPECT others by behaving in an appropriate manner, using language that is acceptable to all, treating other students and staff with kindness and courtesy, identifying ourselves to any adult authority upon request, and by following school rules.

·     We demonstrate LEADERSHIP by taking a role in the Woodinville High School community, by participating in or supporting others in campus activities. By doing this, we can make our high school experience a memorable and positive one.


GO Falcons!

Faculty & Staff

Faculty & Staff

Faculty and staff


Administrators                                                      Counselors

Kurt Criscione, Principal                      425.408.7401            Kate Miller (A-De)                        425.408.7420

Brenda Conrad, Assistant Principal     425.408.7424            Katherine Lamb (Di-Joh)             425.408.7421

Craig Richardson, Assistant Principal  425.408.7425            Scott Churchill (Jon-M)                 425.408.7423

                                                                                          Nate Hirsch (N-Sm)                     425.408.7422

                                                                                          Sarah Brenner, (Sn-Z)                 425.408.7506

                                                                                          Ruth Krochmalny, OIS                 425.408.7428


who to contact for:

Advanced Placement                                                           Sarah Brenner                            425.408.7506

ASB Activities Director                                                           TBD                                           TBD

ASB Bookkeeping                                                                Denise Schwans                         425.408.7515

Assessments                                                                       Denise Schwans                         425.408.7515

Athletic Information                                                              Cathy Boyce                               425.408.7415

Athletic Forms, Clearance Packets                                        Renae Hector                            425.408.7491

Attendance/Absences                                                         Kim Kocik                                    425.408.7410

Bus Information                                                                   District Office                              425.408.7900

Career Information                                                             Ruth Krochmalny                        425.408.7428

Cashier/Payments                                                               Nicki Kongkarat                          425.408.7504

Change of Address                                                            Roberta Porter                           425.408.7418

Class Scheduling Information                                              Roberta Porter                           425.408.7418

College Programs, Scholarships                                           Ruth Krochmalny                        425.408.7428

Computer Login                                                                 Dione Garcia                              425.408.7540

Counseling Center Appointments                                        Roberta Porter                           425.408.7418

Facility Use                                                                         Jenn Diaz                                  425.408.7403

Fines/Fees                                                                         Nicki Kongkarat                          425.408.7504

Free and Reduced Meals Program                                      Kim Kocik                                    425.408.7410

Graduation Ceremony                                                        Denise Schwans                        425.408.7515

Graduation Requirements                                                    Roberta Porter                           425.408.7418

Health Services                                                                   Christie Pallette                          425.408.7406

Homework Requests                                                          Kim Kocik                                    425.408.7410

Lockers                                                                              Kim Kocik                                    425.408.7410

Lost and Found                                                                  Carolyn Moriarty                         425.408.7401

Parent Resource Coordinator                                             Kim Kocik                                    425.408.7401

Parent User Names/Passwords                                           Kim Kocik                                    425.408.7410

ParentVUE Login Information                                              Kim Kocik                                    425.408.7410

Parking/Car Registration                                                     Jeani Schwenk                           425.408.7501

Report Cards, Progress Reports                                         Melissa Holladay                         425.408.7512

Registrar                                                                            Melissa Holladay                         425.408.7512

Registration                                                                        Roberta Porter                           425.408.7418

School Calendar                                                                 Jenn Diaz                                  425.408.7403

Student Insurance                                                              Renae Hector                            425.408.7491

Technology Assistance                                                        Dione Garcia                              425.408.7540

TouchBase Login Information                                             Kim Kocik                                    425.408.7410

Transcripts & Records Requests                                          Roberta Porter                           425.408.7418

Withdrawal Process                                                             Roberta Porter                           425.408.7418

Vocational Programs                                                           Ruth Krochmalny                        425.408.7428

Volunteer Background Checks                                            Carolyn Moriarty                         425.408.7401

Yearbook                                                                           TBD                                           425.408.7481








Clem Digges, Sarah


Goff, Abby




Dilling, Coby


Fulton, Jamie


Glenovich, Paul


Millhollen, Scot


Mulvaney, Paul


Orobinskaia, Marina


Swartz, Tim




Bains, Aneet


Barelli, Alexis


Courtney, Kim


Elieff, Maria


Kuszak, Jordan


Lizotte, Richard


Melton, Kurt


North, Lisa


Sandusky, Rebekah


Traxler, Christine


Weaver, Taylor




Garcia, Dione


Hegeman, Jenny




Doughty, Lindsay

Eberly, Karen


Glover, Jeff

Gruber, Michelle


Hartinger, Grace


Jackson, Lisa


Kittler, Ben


Merritt, Ernie


Millhollen, Scot


Mulvaney, Paul


Smith, Aricka




Butchart, Josh


Cole, Mason


Tanksley, Loren




Maxwell, Wayne


Mills, Mike


Tennis, Aaron


Vitulli, Darcy




Christmyer, Eric


Davis, Nathan


Huybers, Randy


Johns, Jennifer


McBurnett, Karl

Olson, Jamie


Perkins, Britta


Pontifex, Molly


Rundle, Clare


Thurman, Gary


Veterane, Jennifer




Backstrom, Jim


Baddeley, D.J.


Bissat, Johanna


Cox, Clark


Eickhoff, Warren


Miller, Scott


Netzel, Dawn


O’Hair, Adam


Skone, Nicole




Edwards, Ruth


Johnson, Laurie


Monteleone, Jeff


Richey, Matt




Asimakopoulos, Cathy

Duke, Jonathan


Montana, Holly


Richey, Matt


Winterbourne, Crystal


Wyberanec, Amber




Antley, Michael


Cline, Heather


Jacobs, Richard


Moreland, Diana


Olson, Michelle


Perlinger, Katie


Schramm, Kathryn

Tsukamaki, Kei

Torrie, Rachel












Pulse, Rebeca ELL




Bacharach, Alexis LC


Berglund Ryder, Susan ML-FSA


Bickhaus, Brittany ML-FSA


Brandon, Laura ML-FSA


Dahl, Christine ML-FSA


Dillman, Alan LC


Foltz, Marna ML-FSA


Isenhart, Katie ML-FSA


Keanini, Kylee ML-FSA


Kelly, Betsy ML-FSA


Krich, Linda PBS


Kusler, Sitara PBS


Malone, Patricia LC


Schwans, Kyle ML-FSA


Shah, Nan ML-FSA


Shepherd, Joseph


Wells, Melissa


Yarlagadda, Kranthi




Allen, Lisa – Career Ctr


Diaz, Jenn – Main Office


Hector, Renae – Athletics


Holladay, Melissa – Data


Kocik, Kim – Attendance


Kongkarat, Nicki – ASB/Cashier


Moriarty, Carolyn – Office Mgr


Porter, Roberta – Counseling


Schwans, Denise -  Admin/ASB




Allsup, Kim


Ludlam, Bailey


Marantz, Shelley


Pyeatt, Michelle


Robbins, Karen


Simms, Amily


Tuiasosopo, Tina – Manager


Yapyuco, Liezel




Arriola, Ruben


Larson, Vince


Martinez Arias, Jesus


Miller, Rod


Piccinoni, Sixto




Schwenk, Jeani




Winship, Josh



Katy Pietraszak




Lindholm, Larry




Cruze, Jennifer



Silva, Jesus




Pallette, Christie




Dulas. Tracy


Takenaga, Kris




Cargill, Ann




Bakken, Christina




Wicklund, Shaman


STS (Tech Specialist)


Kapacinskas, Danna




Apodaca, Fabrizio





* Education Support Professionals (ESP)


Arrival & Attendance


Contact Info & Message

Office Hours
6:30 AM - 2:30 PM

Contact Info
Fax: 425.408.7402*
*Doctor's notes confirming medical and dental appointments can be faxed directly from the doctor's office.

Student Attendance Profile

Upon request, a copy of a student's attendance profile can be obtained from the Attendance Office.

The profile identifies the dates and periods a student has missed school and indicates whether or not an absence has been excused.

Woodinville High School wants your student to be successful! Parents and guardians can help their student by promoting and encouraging regular, punctual attendance. Being in every class period and on time every school day ready to learn at the bell is very important and leads to a positive learning environment for all students and staff.

Every effort will be made to record attendance notifications received by 2:30 PM on school days. Notifications received after 2:30 PM will be recorded the next school day. Parents and guardians can view attendance by logging in to ParentVUE.

What parents can do to help...

Certain attendance practices completed throughout the school year by parents/guardians and students greatly help their son or daughter and themselves as they near the end of the grading period and face attendance appeals:

  • Parents/guardians contacting the Attendance Office within two school days of any absences and indicate the reason for the absence.
  • Maintaining a record of absences and the reasons on a calendar throughout the school year.
  • Providing doctor's notes for medical, dental or orthodontic visits as they happen during the school year.
  • Students who are not feeling well should check-out with Nurse Pallette in the Health Room before leaving campus as the absence related to an illness verified by the nurse will then be noted as such in the student information system (Synergy).

All parents and guardians should be receiving an automated School Messenger phone call (and email if an email address has been provided to the Counseling Center) when their student has been absent. Following up immediately is important and helpful to all parties.

For a complete copy of WHS's attendance policy refer to your student's copy of the student handbook.

Attendance Philosophy

    1. Daily attendance and active participation in each class are critical to the learning process. Regular and prompt attendance will help students learn responsibility and increase their potential for future success.
    2. Northshore School District Policy 3200 states that all students shall be in attendance and remain on school grounds from the time of arrival and attend regularly scheduled classes, unless officially excused. Absences due to illnesses or a health condition, the need to seek medical, dental, or other health care, family emergencies, and/or religious observances, shall be excused in accordance with school attendance procedures. The parent or guardian in accordance with the school attendance procedures shall verify excused absences.
      1. Absences whether excused or unexcused may cause a student to lose credit.
      2. Excused absences such as field trips shall not be permitted if deemed to cause an adverse effect upon the student’s educational process.

Excused Absences

    1. A student’s absence is considered excused when verified by a parent/guardian, the Attendance Office, or an administrator.
    2. Absences must be verified through the Attendance Office within two school days; failure to verify an absence may result in an unexcused absence (truancy).
    3. All absences that are not verified within two school days may be assigned four (4) hours of Saturday School.
    4. Absences may be verified by:
      1. Parent/guardian notification with two school days  425-408-7410 (voicemail available 24 hours a day)
      2. Written excuse signed by the parent/guardian within two school days
      3. Direct email from parent's/guardian's email account to If you receive a Blackboard attendance notification do not hit reply or it will go to an unmanaged email account.
    5. When an absence is excused, make-up work will be allowed. Students are responsible for all make up arrangements. Failure to complete missed assignments in a timely manner will result in loss of credit. A student has the same number of days to make-up work as number of days absent, up to one week.

When verifying an absence, please include all of the following:

  • Student's first and last name (please spell when leaving a phone message)
  • Date(s) of absence(s)
  • Student's school identification number
  • Reason for the absence

Failure to verify an absence within 48 hours (two school days) may result in an unexcused absence. Students are responsible for their attendance and rely on their parents and guardians to excuse their absences and tardies in the required time frame. Students whose absences are not excused within 48 hours (two school days) may be assigned progressive discipline.

Excused absences include absences due to:

  • Illness or a health condition
  • The need to seek medical, dental or other health care services
  • Family emergencies
  • Religious observances
  • School-related absences

If your son or daughter experiences an illness, medical condition or an accident that leads to an extended absence, please contact your student’s counselor as soon as possible. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to schedule medical appointments outside of the school day whenever possible.

It is recommended that students and parents/guardians keep a list of all absences as they occur throughout the school year, including the reasons. A doctor's note should be obtained when a student misses school for a doctor's appointment or for extended illnesses or injuries. The doctor's note should be brought to the Attendance Office or be faxed to (425) 408-7402 to be filed in the student's attendance file as soon as possible.

*WHS's absence/tardy form,  a Note to the WHS Attendance Office can be completed and signed by the parent/guardian and delivered to the Attendance Office by the student.


When an absence is excused, makeup work will be allowed. Students are responsible for all make up arrangements. Make up assignments should be requested directly from the teacher(s) either by email or phone. Failure to complete missed assignments in a timely manner will result in loss of credit.

A student has the same number of days to make up work as number of days absent, up to one week. Make up assignments are made available for pick up at the Attendance Office. It is advised that parents/guardians confirm that make up assignments are at the Attendance Office prior to coming to the school.

Unexcused Absences (Truancies)

    1. A student’s absence is considered unexcused (truant) when it is without parent/guardian consent.
    2. Truancies will result in the assignment of progressive discipline (i.e., detention, Saturday School, suspension).
    3. Truancies will result in loss of credit for assignments and/or performance on the day of the truancy.
    4. If a student has three (3) or more class hours of unexcused absences in a class, regardless of total number of absences, credit is denied and he/she CANNOT appeal for credit reinstatement. Instead, the student will receive a no credit (N/C) for the class(es) or a fail (F) if not passing the class. Reminder: 1 block period = 2 class hours of attendance.

Late Arrivals & Tardies

    1. Definition of a tardy: Student is not in the classroom by the bell, ready to work as defined by their teacher.
    2. Definition of an absence: A student is late to or misses more than fifteen (15) minutes of class.
    3. Consequences for excessive tardiness:
      1. 1 – 3 tardies: Discipline is defined by the classroom teacher and may include, but is not limited to, class detention and parental notification.
      2. 4 tardies: Teacher assigns after school one-hour detention.
      3. 5 tardies: Teacher refers student to the office (appropriate assistant principal).
      4. Subsequent tardies: Progressive discipline will be assigned by the appropriate assistant principal, which may include, but is not limited to:
        1. Campus Clean Up – 2 hours
        2. Saturday School
        3. Attendance Contract
        4. Suspension
        5. Students who accumulate twelve (12) or more tardies in all six classes are subject to Saturday School.

Students arriving to school late must sign in at the Attendance Office and obtain a pass before going to class. A parent/guardian signed, written note or a parent/guardian phone call is required within 48 hours of the late arrival or the student will continue to be marked unexcused.

WHS's absence/tardy form,  a Note to the WHS Attendance Office can be completed and signed by the parent/guardian and delivered to the Attendance Office by the student.

Early Dismissals

    1. Early dismissals must be arranged prior to the absence. Requests for early dismissals must be made no later than the end of second (B) lunch. This includes PM Assembly Schedule days.
      1. Please send a signed note with your student on the morning of the needed early dismissal day for your student to bring to the Attendance Office before school or during Options so a pass can be provided in advance for your student to leave class and the campus. This helps minimize classroom disruptions to valuable learning time that occur when a runner is required to deliver a pass to your student in the classroom during the school day. It also allows your student to be ready to leave on their own or be available for parents/guardians to pick up at the specified time.

        There are times during the school day when a pass cannot be delivered to your student, such as during Options, lunch and assemblies. Due to varying circumstances, it can take up to 15 minutes to retrieve a student from their classroom.

        It is understandable that there are times a student must be released early for an appointment or emergency that the parent/guardian was unaware of in time to send a note in the morning with their student. In these instances, it is advisable to contact the Attendance Office as soon as possible and leave a message at (425) 408-7410 or email by 12:40 PM and prior to your arrival. The voicemail and email are checked throughout the day. As indicated above, it can take up to 15 minutes to retrieve a student from their classroom due to varying circumstances.

    2. The Attendance Office will not excuse an absence afterwards unless approved by an administrator.
      1. All students must remain on campus throughout the entire school day. The only open campus privilege is for seniors; however, this privilege is only allowed during the 30 minute lunch period. Seniors must return on time for their class period following lunch. If they return late, they must sign in at the Attendance Office for a pass to class. This tardy (or absence if more than 15 minutes late) will remain unexcused until contact is made by the parent/guardian. The 48-hour rule also applies in this case.

        We appreciate your assistance and understanding and request that every effort be made to keep your student in class the entire school day so the best possible learning environment can be preserved for all our students and our teachers.

        *Students are expected to attend all assemblies as they are part of the curricular day. If a student must miss an afternoon assembly, an early dismissal must be arranged in advance as outlined above.

        WHS's absence/tardy form, "A Note to the Woodinville High School Attendance Office" can be completed and signed by the parent/guardian and delivered to the Attendance Office by the student. 

    3. Students must sign out at the Attendance Office when they leave during the school day or the absence is considered truancy.

Block day Absences

Each block schedule period equals 2 hours of instruction time. On block schedule days, for attendance taking purposes, the computer recognizes a 2-hour window for each block class. This is why, for example, on a 2/4/6 block schedule if your student is late or absent during the first hour of period 6 you may be notified your student was late or has an absence in period 5 as the computer recognizes the 2-hour window for period 6 as periods 5 and 6 combined as outlined below:

Block Schedule 1/3/5                             Block Schedule 2/4/6 
Periods           Period                                Periods           Period
      1        =           1                                      1        =          2
      2                                                             2
      3        =           3                                      3        =          4
      4                                                             4
      5        =           5                                      5        =          6
      6                                                             6

Prearranged Absences

    1. An absence from school, even though work is made up, is not advisable unless absolutely necessary, and may result in a lowered grade or loss of credit. Instruction may not be repeated and could adversely affect a student’s final grade.
    2. Parents and students are strongly encouraged to review the school calendar, and when at all possible, schedule activities such as vacations, appointments, etc., on days that would not require missing school. When this is not possible, the student should prearrange the absence by requesting his or her teachers and his or her parent/guardian complete and sign a Prearranged Absence Contract.
    3. A teacher’s approval of a prearranged absence does not eliminate the need to appeal for credit if the total number of excused and/or unexcused absences exceeds nine (9) in a semester. Upon completion of the Prearranged Absence Contract the student must then bring it to the Attendance Office for approval prior to the absence period.

School-Related Absences

    1. A student’s absence is considered school-related when it is for a school-approved field trip or a function, such as a class meeting, sponsored by the school.
    2. A student must have the permission of his/her teacher(s) to miss class to attend a school-approved field trip or a function, such as a class meeting, sponsored by the school.
    3. School-related absences are not included in computing total absences for purposes of loss of credit.

Extended Illness Absences

    1. Absences related to an extended illness, hospitalization and/or accident will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
    2. A parent/guardian should contact the student’s counselor as soon as possible after learning of the need for an extended absence so that an assessment of the student’s current educational status in all classes can be determined.

AP Testing and Attendance

AP Testing for the 2017-18 school year will be held May 7 - 11 and May 14 - 18.

In order to honor the hard work and dedication that has brought students to the final stage of taking an AP exam, students will receive an all-day school-related absence on their exam day(s). The Attendance Office has been provided with a list of students to excuse and is also made aware of students who do not attend testing.

Students should talk to their teachers regarding the work missed on the day of their exam, and are welcome to attend all classes that are outside of their testing window. If they are unable to return to classes after their exam, or do not attend school prior to their exam, the absence will be marked as school-related. This will allow students the flexibility to prepare and recover from the exam, and attend the classes that cannot be missed. Testing students who do choose to attend classes on their testing day must sign in and out at the Attendance Office.

  • Parents/guardians do not need to contact the Attendance Office to excuse their student for their student's AP Exam testing date(s).
  • Parents/guardians should only call or email the Attendance Office if they receive a 6 p.m. AutoDialer phone call/email absence notification regarding their testing student's attendance.

Question? Email

Loss of Credit

    1. When a student accumulates ten (10) instructional hours of absences in a semester, excused and/or unexcused, in any class period, the student and parent will be notified there has been a loss of credit (1 regular period equals 1 class hour of instructional time, 1 block period equals 2 class hours of instructional time). The student has the right to appeal for credit reinstatement, except as outlined in paragraph 1 a. below, and will remain in class during the time to allow for continued learning. School-approved activities and discipline suspensions that require a student to miss class do not count against their attendance.
    2. If a student has three (3) or more class hours of unexcused absences in any one class, regardless of the total number of absences, credit is denied and he/she CANNOT appeal for credit reinstatement. Instead, the student will receive a no credit (N/C) for the class(es) or a fail (F) if not passing the class. Reminder: 1 block period = 2 class hours of instructional time.

Remember, in both cases, a regular one-hour class period equals one (1) class hour and a two-hour block class equals two (2) class hours. 

If your son or daughter experiences an illness, medical condition or an accident that leads to an extended absence, please contact your student's counselor as soon as possible. Parents and guardians are strongly encouraged to schedule medical appointments outside of the school day whenever possible.

It is recommended that students and parents/guardians keep a list of all absences as they occur throughout the school year, including the reasons. A doctor's note should be obtained when a student misses school for a doctor's appointment or for extended illnesses or injuries. The doctor's note should be brought to the Attendance Office to be filed in the student's attendance file.

Attendance Appeals Process

    1. Daily attendance and active participation in each class are critical to the learning process. Regular and prompt attendance will help students learn responsibility and increase their potential for future success.
    2. If a student has missed ten (10) class hours of instructional time in a semester, excused and/or unexcused, in any class period, the student has the right to appeal for credit reinstatement for that particular class through the attendance appeals process, except as outlined in paragraph 2 a. below (1 regular period equals 1 class hour of instructional time, 1 block period equals 2 class hours of instructional time).
      1. If a student has three (3) or more class hours of unexcused absences in any one class, regardless of the total number of absences, credit is denied and he/she CANNOT appeal for credit reinstatement. Instead, the student will receive a no credit (N/C) for the class(es) or a fail (F) if not passing the class. Reminder: 1 block period = 2 class hours of instructional time.
    3. If a student chooses to appeal, he/she must submit a completed Application for Credit Reinstatement, along with supporting evidence that includes any and all documentation that could help the committee understand his/her extenuating circumstances (e.g., doctor’s note(s), legal note(s), etc.) to substantiate the absences, for review.
    4. Upon review of the Application for Credit Reinstatement, credit will either be reinstated, reinstated with conditions, denied, or the student will be contacted to appear before the Attendance Appeals Committee to further account for his/her absences and to respond to clarifying questions regarding the absences.
    5. If appearance before the Attendance Appeals Committee is required:
      1. The student must physically appear before the committee for the reinstatement of the credit in question to be considered.
      2. When all of the information, documentation, and questions are finished the student will be asked to leave.
      3. The committee will then carefully consider the situation.
      4. The decision will be made to reinstate credit, deny credit, or place the student on an Attendance Performance Contract.
      5. The student will be notified in writing within three (3) school days of the committee’s decision.

Compulsory Attendance Law

    1. School attendance has been and continues to be compulsory. Pursuant to RCW28A.225 and Northshore School District’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook: Student Responsibilities and Rules of Pupil Conduct Policy 3200, the Northshore School District supports and enforces the Compulsory Attendance Law. 
    2. Becca Bill – It is the intent of this legislation to direct schools to initiate a series of corrective steps when a student is absent and unexcused from attending school. After the seventh unexcused absence within a month or the tenth unexcused absence during the school year, a petition is filed with the Juvenile Court alleging a compulsory attendance violation.

Attendance Errors

If a student has been marked absent by his or her teacher and indicates there is an error because he or she was in class, the student must make contact with his or her teacher who can then advise the Attendance Office to update the attendance record. Even in instances when a student has had a substitute teacher, most often, the regular classroom teacher is able to determine if a student was in class based upon work completed or turned in and/or by the observations of other students or paraeducators who were in attendance.

The Attendance Office cannot excuse a student marked absent by a teacher without confirmation from the teacher that there was an error. In this case, a student can request that the teacher sign an Unexcused Absence Verification Form or the teacher can email the Attendance Office to confirm.

Grade & Attendance Checks


A.      ParentVUE is a web-based application that provides parents and guardians with information regarding their student via a secure website. ParentVUE allows parents and guardians to view assignments and test results helpful in determining student progress. Please consult with your students’ teacher(s) for more information on the specific reports they post. 

B.      Parents and guardians are provided with an activation key that should not be shared with their student(s). For security purposes, to obtain an activation key, parents and guardians must either:

1.      Appear in person, show identification, and sign for the receipt of the username and password or

2.      Call and speak to the WHS online parent resource coordinator (or leave a message) confirming that an email request will be sent to the WHS online parent resource coordinator requesting the information.


In our continued commitment to provide a safe and productive school environment, visitor procedures are in place at all Northshore high schools. We ask all visitors to follow these procedures:

  • Visitors and volunteers MUST sign in at the Main Office upon their arrival and wear a visitor badge while on campus.
  • Unfamiliar persons and/or persons not wearing a visitor’s badge will be directed to the Main Office. Visitors may also be asked for identification.
  • In respect for the learning environment, visits to observe a classroom and/or visits to see students in a classroom during the day must be arranged through administration.
  • School-age visitors and graduates are not allowed on campus at any time during the school day. Special requests must be cleared through administration in advance.

For more information, please see the WHS visitor policy in the Student Handbook.

Parking & Transportation

WHS Campus Parking Info



Students who plan to park on campus must purchase and clearly display a 2017-2018 WHS parking hanger in their car to avoi a ticket. Applications for parking can be obtained from the Campus Supervisor in the main office. Parking on the WHS campus is limited. Please see the priority parking plan below, as well as, other general parking information.

Requests for a senior, junior SPRING season and WaNIC/Running Start parking pass are being accepted.

A map of all WHS parking lots is available online. If you have further questions, please contact Jeani Schwenk, WHS Campus Supervisor.

General Parking Information

Student parking is a privilege. All students wishing to park in the WHS lots must have a parking application on file. Parking permits are issued according to the priority list below. A lottery for remaining parking spots may be conducted each season for students on the waiting list. Extenuating circumstances are considered on a case-by-case basis. The purchase of a parking hanger does not guarantee you a spot every day. All parking is on a “first come, first served” basis. AM/PM WaNIC/Health Sciences/Running Start students have priority in designated parking areas in the 600 Student Parking and Lower Student Parking lots. WHS encourages carpooling.

Priority Parking Plan:

  1. Seniors with WANIC/Health Science/Running Start class where there is no district shuttle offered.
  2. Juniors with WANIC/Health Science/Running Start class where there is no district shuttle offered.
  3. Seniors who participate in after school sanctioned sports and pre-approved after school activities.
  4. Juniors who participate in after school sanctioned sports and pre-approved after school activities.
  5. Seniors who have waivers or work after school.

Parking FAQs

Q: How many parking spaces are available for hanger purchases by students?

A: Approximately 440 for the 2017-18 school year.

Q: Who has ticket and towing jurisdiction for cars parked on the street in front of the school? 

A: Woodinville Police Department.

Q: What will happen if I park in the adjacent neighborhoods?

A: Ticketed by police and/or towed at owner's expense if parked on curbs, sidewalks, or parked against the flow of traffic.

Q: What happens if I don't pay my parking tickets?

A: Your diploma, transcript, yearbook, and/or optional graduation supplies are withheld and you cannot participate in extra-curricular activities when parking fines (or any fines/fees) are unpaid at the time of the activity (i.e., fall/winter/spring sports participation, club competitions, homecoming dance, prom, Commencement Ceremony, etc.).

Q: What are the top four reasons students receive parking tickets at WHS?


  1. Hangers not displayed on mirrors
  2. Parked in the Staff lot
  3. Parked in the Visitor lot
  4. Parked in two spots

Q: What will happen if I park in the handicapped zone with or without a valid parking hanger?

A: You will receive a ticket and will be towed at your own expense.

Q: Whom do students and/or parents contact when there is a concern or question regarding parking?

A: Email Campus Supervisor Jeani

Parking Map

There are no resources or collections to display

Bus Passes

WHS Main Office


Bus Pass Requests Available:

Before School, During Options, During Lunches

What to Bring:

parent/guardian signed note.- See below for details of what the note must include.

WHS Bus Information

Please note that students are routed and assigned to buses at a single stop location based on the address they have registered at their school. Waiver students, walkers and students destined to alternate locations other than than their primary home address, e.g. daycare, split household, grandparents, are not eligible for transportation.

Students may inquire about available space on a bus by completing a Transportation Request Form. At the beginning of the school year it is necessary to wait until all eligible riders (band students, etc.) have had the opportunity to ride in order to accurately assess the number of students on a bus and available space; this cannot take place until the end of October and we ask families to be patient during this process. Completion of forms does not guarantee a bus ride or change in stop location.

Bus Pass Requests through October

At the beginning of the school year it is necessary to wait until all eligible riders (band students, etc.) have had the opportunity to ride in order to accurately assess the number of students on a bus and available space; this cannot take place until the end of October and we ask families to be patient during this process. During this time, bus passes for regular school bus routes are not available (Activity Bus passes will be available beginning September 7 - see below for Activity Bus pass details).

How do I get a Regular Route Bus Pass?

After Transportation confirms routes at the end of October, regular route bus passes are available from the Main Office before school, during Options or during lunches, based upon availability, as seats are limited. If there is room on the bus, supply the Main Office with a parent/guardian signed note that includes the following information:

  • Date pass is to be effective
  • First and last name of your student
  • First and last name of the student with whom your child is going home
  • Address where your student is disembarking the bus (established stop) - please visit the NSD transportation website to determine the established stop.
  • Indicate duration (today only, or a specific period of dates)
  • Parent signature
  • Open dated passes are not allowed.

If approved, a blue bus pass will be issued to the student by the Main Office that the student must hand to the driver when boarding the bus.

Requests cannot be taken over the phone or by email

How do I get an Activity Bus Pass?

NSD will be providing after school activity buses on a daily bus pass only basis from the high schools Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays starting Thursday, September 7 for the 2017-18 school year. Buses will depart from the high school between 4:00 p.m. and 4:10 p.m. each day. Up to 50 students can ride the activity bus.

Students will need to come into the Main Office: before school, during Options, or during lunches to get an Activity Bus Pass each day they need to ride the activity bus with a parent/guardian signed note. Activity Bus passes are issued on a first-come, first-served basis due to the limited number of seats. The note must include:

If approved, an NSD Activity Bus Pass will be issued to the student by the Main Office that the student must then hand to the driver when boarding the activity bus. 

  • This service is to assist families with after school transportation when students stay after school for activities (sports, clubs, detention, etc).
  • The activity routes do not have the same bus stop locations as the regular routes.; 1, 2 or 3 bus routes cover the same area in the evening that a dozen bus routes regularly cover in the AM/PM. 
  • Bus stops are limited to ensure all students are transported home in a timely manner and the cost to the schools are minimal. 
  • It is the parents' responsibility to select the stop closest to their residence and familiarize their child with this information in the event he/she needs to utilize after school transportation. 

If you have any questions about activity buses, please contact the Transportation Department.

Student Behavior & Conduct

Educational Honesty

Technology & Network Acceptable Use


A.      Public Communications Expectations

1.      Everyone who is given the privilege of communicating publicly at WHS is a representative of our school and is therefore expected to conduct himself/herself in an appropriate and responsible manner. Public communication, created for school purposes and/or using school equipment, includes but is not limited to the following:

a.      Assembly presentations and speeches

b.      Posters and flyers

c.      Announcements

d.      Presentations in front of classes, both live and recorded

e.      Online materials

f.       School newspaper (Quill) and other written materials

g.      Falcon News Network and other audiovisual materials

2.      Anyone may be asked to submit materials for approval. Everyone has an obligation to learn and practice the legal and ethical responsibilities expected of him/her by Washington State and Woodinville High School. As school assemblies are considered a “captive audience”, no one may engage in public communications that:

a.      Are legally obscene

b.      Contain sexual innuendo

c.      Are libelous or knowingly false about another person

d.      Are cruel to animals

e.      Create a clear and present danger and/or substantial physical disruption of the school

f.       Invade privacy

g.      Advertise illegal products or services

h.      Interfere with any student’s pursuit of an equal educational opportunity

B.      Assemblies

1.      Attendance at assemblies is required.

2.      Students must be courteous and respectful to the people performing.

3.      Students who fail to conduct themselves appropriately at an assembly will be removed from the assembly and assigned discipline as appropriate.

C.      Use of Technology & Network Code of Conduct

1.      Technological resources available at WHS include computers for word processing, scanning, specialized curricular program, Internet access, video cameras, and video editing. This technology is available in many classrooms as well as the library, math lab, and tech lab. In all cases, students will follow the Northshore School District Network Code of Conduct and Responsible Use Procedures.

2.      Northshore School District provides wireless network access for all students, grades 9-12. When students authenticate to NSD Wi-Fi networks, or any other network while on campus, they are expected to abide by the guidelines for responsible use as set forth in School Board Procedure 2022P, Responsible Use Procedure.  While student devices are not monitored continuously, misuse of these network resources may lead to disciplinary action where appropriate. Staff will direct students as to the appropriate use of personal devices during instructional activities.

3.      Northshore School District allows students the privilege of connecting approved personal devices to the NSDPublic network for educational use during the school day. NSD reserves the right to revoke this privilege if users do not follow all district guidelines and responsible use policies. These policies are intended to protect the security and integrity of NSD and student data and technology infrastructure. Students must agree to the terms and conditions set forth in this procedure in order to be able to connect their devices to the NSDPublic network.

a.      Students are blocked from accessing certain websites during school hours/while connected to the NSDPublic network at the discretion of the district. While our filters and safeguards are set to protect students and block known inappropriate content, it is the student’s responsibility to ensure safe and responsible use of the NSD network.

b.      NSD is not responsible for content stored on any non-district device. Any devices containing questionable content may lead to disciplinary actions where appropriate.

c.      Devices used on any NSD network, or any other network while on campus, must not contain, store or transmit illicit materials or other content deemed unacceptable by the district. Also, these devices may not be used to harass or bully any staff or student.

d.      Students who choose to bring their personal device on campus do so at their own risk. The student is personally liable for all costs, damages, and loss associated with his or her personal device. The student also assumes full liability for risks including, but not limited to, the partial or complete loss of personal data due to an operating system crash, errors, bugs, viruses, malware, and/or other software or hardware failures, or programming errors that render the device unusable.

e.      Rooted (Android) or jailbroken (iOS) devices are strictly forbidden from accessing the any NSD network.

f.       The student’s device may be banned from the NSD network without notice if the district determines the device could pose a threat to the security of the district’s data and technology infrastructure.

4.      WHS students are expected to be competent, ethical, and law-abiding users of copyrighted materials and technology resources. Any violation of this code may result in loss of computer privileges or progressive discipline as appropriate. See NSSD Statement of Rights and Responsibilities Concerning Pupil Conduct, Section C, 8, Technology, for more specific information.

a.      Be ethical and courteous. Do not send hateful, harassing, obscene, or discriminatory messages.

b.      Respect the files and data of other users. Do not change or copy files/data of others without their permission.

c.      Treat anything created by others (information, graphics, music, sounds, projects, etc.) as their private property. Respect copyrights (Board Policy 3212).

d.      Use the network in a way that does not disrupt its use for others. Do not destroy, change, or misuse the hardware or software in any way. Do not develop or distribute programs that invade other computers, computer systems, or networks. Do not “hack” the system.

e.      Use the NSD networks and the Internet for educational purposes. Do not use the network to access or create inappropriate material or for commercial purposes.

f.       Respect and protect the privacy of all users. Do not allow others to use your ID card, password, etc. Do not use anyone else’s ID card, password, etc.

g.      The NSD networks are the Property of Northshore School District and are to be used for academic or administrative purposes only. The district reserves the right to remove a user’s account if it is determined that the user is engaged in unauthorized activity or is violating the code of conduct.


Cell phones, iPods, video games, mp3 players and similar personal electronic equipment are not to be used in classrooms except with the express permission of the instructor. Video and digital cameras and other recording devices (including cell phones) are not to be used in a classroom unless specifically directed by a teacher and without subjects’ permission. Laser pointers may not be brought to school. Staff will confiscate your equipment if it is seen during class. Use of these technologies is not to be used inappropriately at any time and are subject to confiscation and viewing if the administration suspects the electronic equipment is being used for activities inconsistent with district or school policies, such as the disruption of the educational environment. Use of technology that is deemed to be disruptive to the educational process may result in school suspension of those students who are involved.

Harassment, Intimidation, and Bullying

Dress Code


A.      Ladies

1.      Skirts and shorts: Must reach the length of the student’s index finger when her arm is extended.

2.      Shirts or tops: The neck/bust line must meet the imaginary line from one armpit across the chest to the other armpit.

3.      Tank Tops/Halter Tops: The back of the shirt must cover the middle of the back as well as follow the rule from above.

4.      Midriff: Up to two inches showing (above imaginary line between the top of the hipbones) in front while standing.

B.      Men

1.      Shirts must be of a length to cover underwear.

2.      Pants may not be worn below the buttocks.

3.      Shirts must be worn at all times.

C.      Ladies and Men

1.      Shoes must be worn at all times.

2.      Underwear and any part of the buttocks are not to be showing at any time.

3.      Tobacco, illegal acts, drugs, alcohol, obscene language, weapons, violence or sexually suggestive clothing is not permitted.

4.      Bandanas that are displayed or worn are not allowed; any combination of clothing reasonably determined to be gang-related, or clothing which law enforcement agencies currently consider gang-related is prohibited.

D.      Consequences

1.      First Warning: (documented by code guidelines) Change clothes.

2.      Second Warning: One hour after school detention, change clothing and parent notification.

3.      Third Warning: Referral to assistant principal, change clothing and Saturday School.

4.      Fourth Warning: Referral to assistant principal, student sent home, parent notification and discipline.

Lunch, Food & Beverage


Food, gum, and beverages are not allowed in the classrooms except with the express permission of the instructor. Students should eat lunch in the Commons. Failure to throw away garbage may result in lunchroom clean up duty or after school detention. Disruptive behavior will result in disciplinary action.


Applications for the National School Lunch Program/School Breakfast Program are available at the Attendance Office and on the WHS Attendance Office webpage.  The application must be renewed each school year and families may apply for benefits any time during the school year. 

26. Lunch period Procedures/Expectations

Students are to be in the Commons only during their assigned lunch period. Students are expected to use appropriate manners and language during lunch and will pick-up and dispose of all litter when finished eating. For the safety of all, students will not throw any objects or food, sit on the tables, or sit on another student’s lap. Progressive discipline will be assigned for throwing food. Out of respect for classes in progress and for student safety, loitering in the academic wings is not allowed during lunch periods. Student use of any gym during lunch periods is not allowed unless accompanied by a staff member.


Prepayment can be made on a student’s lunch account by taking a check (payable to Northshore School District) or cash directly to the food service staff in the WHS kitchen. Lunch account payments cannot be accepted at the WHS Cashier’s Office. Parents can prepay on their student's accounts by sending cash or check (made out to Northshore School District). Parents may also pay online using a VISA (credit/debit), MasterCard or Discover card using a secure Internet site called PayPams (Parent Account Management Systems) at The student’s school ID number should be included with all payments.  

Bus Policies


Bus passes are obtained from the Main Office and are only issued with a signed, written note or fax from a parent or guardian. Bus pass requests should be prearranged before school or during options or lunch.


Riding the school bus is a privilege. All students must comply with school bus rules of conduct. Pupil conduct rules shall apply at all bus stops. Any infraction of the rules may result in discontinuation of riding privileges.


A.      Assemblies

1.      Attendance at assemblies is required.

2.      Students must be courteous and respectful to the people performing.

3.      Students who fail to conduct themselves appropriately at an assembly will be removed from the assembly and assigned discipline as appropriate.

Student Athletics Code

Dance Behavior


The following rules and regulations are applicable to all school dances: 

A.      Students are to follow directions given by administration, chaperones and/or the DJ.

B.      Students who bring a guest to a school dance are required to have the appropriate completed and signed Guest Authorization Form. Guests may not be older than 20-years old, or younger than a freshmen in high school at the time of the dance. Guests are accountable for all Woodinville High School and Northshore School District rules and expectations outlined in the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook. Violations may result in removal from dance and/or disciplinary action. Guest attendance is always at the discretion of administration. If a student and/or guest are asked to leave a dance, both parties will be required to leave. Parents/Guardians will be called to come and pick up the student and guest if necessary.

C.      Students shall not conduct open displays of intimate affection at school or at a school sponsored activity. Examples are prolonged hugs or kissing, making out, dancing in a lewd or suggestive manner (i.e., freak or club dancing). Explicit dancing of a sexual nature or unwanted physical contact is prohibited because it creates a hostile environment and is considered sexual harassment.

1.      The definition of Freak Dancing is any or all dancing that is found to be “sexually suggestive in any way.” Examples of this are, but not limited to:

a.      Any inappropriate backside dancing (ankle/knee grabbing, bending over more than 90 degrees, etc.)

b.      Inappropriate touching, fondling, excessive displays of affection

c.      Removal of shirts, pants or necessary articles of clothing

d.      On the floor dancing or lap dancing

e.      Front to front dancing with legs up or legs intertwined

f.       Violent, “mosh pit” style dancing

2.      Any student or guest that is dressed inappropriately will be asked to change or be removed from the dance. No refund will be given. For appropriate dress description, see Dress Code.

3.      Dance admission: EVERYONE MUST HAVE ORIGINAL PICTURE ID. Current school ID, passport, or driver’s license will be the only forms of picture ID accepted. Once a student leaves, the student cannot return.

Weapons Policy

Gambling & Gaming

Fines, Fees, Payment & Refunds


Fines or damage charges may be levied for the cost of lost, damaged, or defaced district property, including replacement, shipping and processing costs. In the event the student does not make proper restitution, the following may occur:

A.      Grades, official transcripts, or diplomas may be withheld.

B.      The student may be held out of participation in extra-curricular activities, including athletics, dances, and excursions.

C.      The student may have parking privileges revoked and/or be denied a parking permit.

D.      The student may have pre-purchased goods withheld, including, but not limited to, yearbooks, pictures, and/or optional graduation supplies.

E.      Seniors must pay all fines and fees by the day prior to the commencement exercise or the student may be held out of the Commencement Ceremony.

To keep textbook editions and inventory consistent for student learning returned books must be the actual NSD book checked out to the student. While students could find similar editions, there is no guarantee that books, even those with a similar cover, are the same edition or have the same copyright date. For that reason, if the original book cannot be located students are required to pay the fine for replacement.


To preserve valuable learning time, student payments are accepted before school, during Options, designated Falcon Time, lunches, and after school. Parents and guardians are welcome during office hours. Online credit card payments for parents/guardians through TouchBase can conveniently be made 24-hours a day with the parent/guardian TouchBase user name and password at the Parents, Payments/Cashier link on the WHS website. Credit card swipe terminals for in-person credit card payments are not available at the school. Credit card payments by students or over the phone cannot be accepted as students and staff are not authorized to log in to parent/guardian TouchBase accounts. Payments in person can be made via cash or checks payable to WHS or Woodinville High School or NSD or Northshore School District. All payments by check should be combined and paid via one check. This includes, for example, sports participation fees, books, club dues, club convention fees, fines, etc. The only exception is lunch account payments that are paid directly to Food Services in the WHS kitchen or through PayPams (see Lunch Program).  


Students seeking a refund made by cash/check or online should contact the ASB secretary/bookkeeper at the Cashier's Office. Bona fide refund requests are submitted by the ASB secretary/bookkeeper to the District Office after the appropriate administrative signatures are obtained. Refunds for payments made by cash/check are mailed to the home mailing address of the student's parent/guardian. Checks typically arrive within 4-6 weeks of the request. Refunds for payments made online are credited back to the processed credit card account. Refunds are typically posted within 7 business days of receipt of the refund request at the District Office. In the case of fines paid for books, students shall have until October 1st of the following school year to return all previously lost, non-damaged books for a full refund. To keep textbook editions and inventory consistent for student learning, returned books must be the actual NSD book checked out to the student. While students could find similar editions, there is no guarantee that books, even those with a similar cover, are the same edition or have the same copyright date. For that reason, if the original book cannot be located students are required to pay the fine for replacement.

Illness at School & Medication Policy

24. illness at school

Students who become ill at school MUST obtain permission from staff to report to the Health Room.  The school nurse will determine whether the student should be sent home, return to class, or be permitted to rest in the Health Room. Students who leave campus and do not properly check out with the nurse or Attendance Office will be considered truant for all classes missed. If the student needs to be sent home and requires a ride from parent/contact person, student must be picked up within one hour of parent notification.


Students may not bring any medication to school unless one of the following protocols is being implemented: The student has an Authorization for Medication, signed by a medical provider and parent/guardian, on file in the Nurse’s Office. In that case, the medicine, in its original container, must be left with the school nurse. OR Students may carry one day’s dose of a non-prescribed medication, in the original container, for up to 15 days if he/she has a signed and dated note from a parent/guardian. Beyond 15 days, the student must have an Authorization for Medication signed by a medical provider and parent/guardian on file in the Nurse’s Office.

Parking & Student Vehicle Use


Due to limited space for student parking at WHS, the following parking plan has been imposed:

A.      Only students who have a valid WHS parking permit in their cars (on the rear view mirror) are allowed to park on campus in designated spaces. Extenuating circumstances are considered with documentation and a one-on-one interview with the Campus Supervisor, Jeani Schwenk. The priority list for parking hangers is as follows:

1.      Seniors with WaNIC/Satellite/Running Start classes where there is no district shuttle offered.

2.      Juniors with WaNIC/Satellite/Running Start classes where there is no district shuttle offered.

3.      Seniors who participate in after school sanctioned sports and pre-approved after school activities.

4.      Juniors who participate in after school sanctioned sports and pre-approved after school activities.

5.      Remaining seniors in the lottery.

B.      The purchase of a parking hanger DOES NOT GUARANTEE a parking space every day. All parking is on a “first-come, first-served” basis. All students must park in designated spaces only. WHS encourages carpooling.

C.      Students may not purchase a parking hanger if they have outstanding fees or fines. The cost of parking hangers are:

1.      $130.00 – Senior/Junior All-Year (includes WaNIC, Running Start/Health Sciences & juniors with yearlong pre-approved activities such as ASB, yearbook, drama, jazz band, orchestra, choir and cheer)

2.      $55.00 – Senior/Junior seasonal sport/pre-approved activity.  Note: The spring season fee is reduced for students participating in sanctioned sports and activities all 3 seasons.

D.      PARKING ON CAMPUS IS A PRIVILEGE. Rules and regulations are in place for safety of all. Students are required to:

1.      Have a parking application on file to register vehicles

2.      Observe the speed limit

3.      Drive and park in a safe manner. NOTE: Reckless driving and unsafe parking will result in loss of parking privileges.

E.      Students are not allowed to park in the following areas:

1.      Staff parking

2.      Bus turnaround

3.      Unmarked non-space areas

4.      Fire lanes

5.      Disabled/handicapped spaces without an appropriate red/white hanger and a completed application

6.      GUEST parking

F.      Students who violate WHS parking regulations will be subject to the following consequences:

1.      $20.00 fine for each violation

2.      Multiple violations will result in Saturday School, as well as, the $20 fine.

3.      Third violation may result in suspension of parking privileges.

On-campus parking irregularities, such as a missing parking hanger, MUST be reported to the Campus Supervisor immediately upon arriving at school.

G.     Students who accumulate three or more parking citations prior to their senior year will not be eligible to purchase a parking hanger until the middle of October.

H.      To loan, sell, or give away a hanger is a violation for both the owner and user of the hanger. The consequences for these violations are suspension of parking privileges for the owner and the user.

I.       Making a copy of a hanger for use or sale is an illegal forgery. The consequence for making and/or using a forged pass is loss of parking privileges and may result in disciplinary measures.

J.      The fee to replace a lost hanger is $25.00.  If the original hanger is found given away, loss of parking privileges for the owner and user of the hanger may occur.

K.      Students who drive to WHS do so at their own risk. The Northshore School District and WHS are not responsible for damage to vehicles or lost or stolen items.

L.      Students understand that by parking on campus they give consent to have their vehicles searched by school officials if it becomes necessary during a school investigation.

Visitors, Volunteers & Chaperones

40. Visitors/Volunteers/Chaperones

Volunteer participation is welcomed and supported as we recognize the positive impact it has on student achievement.  We encourage family, business and community members to become actively involved in the education of our students.

Volunteers and chaperones, even for a one-time activity, must complete the following forms:

1.      A Volunteer Application

2.      Copy of current driver’s license

3.      Disclosure Form

4.      Washington State Request for Criminal History Information Form (WATCH background check)

Chaperones driving on field trips must:

1.      Complete the “Authorization for Use of Private Vehicle” form

2.      Submit a copy of current vehicle insurance

All volunteers are required to read the Volunteer Handbook and agree to its guidelines. The handbook and forms may be downloaded from the WHS or NSD website or hard copies are available in the Main Office. Forms should be submitted two weeks prior to volunteering or chaperoning to allow time for processing.  Background checks must be renewed every two years. Final approval of all volunteers and chaperones is subject to the discretion of administration.

Visitor procedures are in place at Woodinville High School to continue our commitment to provide a safe and productive school environment.  We ask all visitors to follow these procedures:

1.      Visitors and volunteers must sign in and sign out at the Main Office upon their arrival and departure.

2.      Visitors and volunteers must display a visitor's badge on their person in a visible manner while on campus. The badge should contain the current date.

3.      Unfamiliar persons and/or persons not wearing a visitor’s badge will be directed to the Main Office. Visitors, volunteers and chaperones may also be asked for identification.

4.      Out of respect to the learning environment, visits to observe a classroom and/or visits by parents/guardians wishing to see their student in a classroom during the school day must be arranged through administration.

5.      School-age visitors and recent graduates are not allowed in the building or on campus at any time during the school day. If a former student has arranged a visit with a teacher during the school day, the teacher must notify the Main Office in advance.

Behavior & School Conduct


Students shall refrain from overt and inappropriate displays of affection on campus and at school functions, as well as, showing respect for their self and others.


Students will not conduct demeaning chants or cheers that are directed towards others. Students that participate in chanting or cheering put-downs, derogatory remarks, gestures, profanity, or any other language/action that is harassing in nature will be removed from the event and/or future events. Such behavior may result in suspension and/or other school discipline.


Any student/organization wishing to post or distribute written material at school must obtain prior permission from the administration.


13. distribution/posting of school-related material

Posters and materials will only be displayed in designated areas of the school and must be of good taste and add to the school environment in a positive way. An administrator or the ASB director must approve all posters and materials prior to posting. Approved posters and materials will be marked with an ASB stamp. Posters and materials without an ASB stamp will be removed. The individual(s) who sponsor the posters and/or materials are responsible for removing them once the event is complete. Students who deface posters are subject to disciplinary action.

15. Eighteen-year-old students

Students of majority age shall have adult rights regarding their education, subject to the same rules and regulations as all students. Unless school officials are directed otherwise, parents or guardians will be advised and consulted on matters affecting students of majority age.


Students that use the elevator for purposes other than transporting themselves due to an injury/disability are subject to disciplinary action.

23. Hall Conduct

A.      No running or horseplay in the halls or on campus

B.      Respect the rights of teachers and students in classes

C.      Pick up all trash in your area before you leave your area

D.      Use appropriate language

E.      Academic hallways are off limits to students during both lunch periods


The open campus privilege at lunchtime is available only to seniors. Freshmen, sophomores and juniors must remain on campus during the school day. Students leaving campus at other times must check out through the Attendance Office (or the nurse) and must carry on their person a yellow Early Dismissal pass from the Attendance Office to present when asked. If this rule is violated, Saturday School will be assigned. Seniors who leave at lunch and take freshmen/sophomores/juniors with them will be assigned Saturday School and lose parking privileges for two weeks for the first offense, and for the remainder of the year for the second offense. The parking permit fee will not be refunded.


During the academic day, the areas “out-of-bounds” include: all parking lots, the area south of the main building and behind the gym, all green-belt areas, school entrances, properties adjacent to the school, and both sides of the streets on 136th Avenue NE and NE 195th Street. Violators will be assigned progressive discipline.



Skateboards, scooters and rollerblades are prohibited on campus. All prohibited equipment will be confiscated from students and progressive discipline assigned.


39. Theatre Behavior

The WHS Theatre is a premier performance and educational facility. Like all assemblies at WHS, while attending events in the Theatre, the utmost respect for performers, speakers, and the facility is expected. Food, beverages (other than water), and flash photography are not allowed. Students will keep their feet off seatbacks and walls at all times. There should be absolutely no climbing over the seats. Cell phones and electronic devices are to be turned off.



WHS recognizes that co-curricular and extra-curricular programs and activities are an integral part of the educational structure. Participation in these programs is voluntary and the individual has freedom of choice in selecting activities within the limitations of program offerings. Students who participate in our activities and athletics are representatives of our school. As representatives, students are held to high expectations and standards. We expect ALL students to demonstrate excellent sportsmanship and to be positive role models at ALL times. To be eligible for the co-curricular and extra-curricular programs, students must be a resident of Northshore School District, be enrolled in and passing five subjects during the current semester of competition, have passed five subjects in the semester prior to participation, purchase an ASB card, and have no outstanding fines or fees. Students participating in athletics must also meet all athletic eligibility requirements. Students are expected to be in attendance all six periods on the day of a practice or event in order to participate in co/extra-curricular activities that afternoon or evening. This expectation applies to all co/extra-curricular activities and events. Participation may be denied for failure to comply.

Lockers & Photo Id's


Each student may sign up for a shared student locker. Due to the limited number of lockers available, students must be present together to get their locker, or have written acknowledgement that they will be sharing a locker. Lockers will not be issued to single occupants. Lockers are school property and may be subject to a search and improper contents seized at the discretion of the administration. The school assumes no liability for the loss or theft of items from a student locker. To avoid theft, all lockers, including P.E. lockers, should be locked at all times. Forgotten hallway locker combinations may be retrieved at the Attendance Office.

33. Photo ID

Students must carry their Woodinville High School photo ID at school and school-sponsored activities at all times. Students are expected to give their name/show their WHS photo ID to any staff member who asks for it during the school day or at school-sponsored events. Failure to do so will result in progressive discipline.

Deliveries & Phone Messages


Items brought to students necessary for their coursework during the school day must be delivered to the Main Office where they will be held for students to pick up during non-class hours. To preserve valuable classroom time, the Main Office cannot send passes for students or deliver items to students during the school day.

38. Telephone messages

To preserve valuable classroom time, the Main Office cannot deliver personal phone messages for students unless there is an emergency. Please take care of communications regarding appointments, etc. at home and make any arrangements for early dismissals in advance or in the morning through the Attendance Office.

Searches & Surveillance Equipment


Law enforcement and/or school officials may perform searches. Refer to Northshore’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook: Student Responsibilities and Rules of Pupil Conduct, Policy 3200, Section III.



WHS utilizes surveillance equipment at all times to maintain the safety of our staff and students within the buildings, parking lots and all areas surrounding the buildings.



It is necessary for students and staff to be knowledgeable about emergency procedures. Classroom teachers will explain procedures for practice drills. All students and staff are required to participate in drills.

Address Change

6. Change of address/status
Please notify the WHS Counseling Office promptly of any address, phone number or email changes. This is critically important should we need to contact parents/guardians in the event of an emergency.

Student Dicipline Policy

Student discipline policy

Northshore School District’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook: Student Responsibilities and Rules of Pupil Conduct (Policy 3200) is on the Woodinville High School website.  All students who attend the district's schools shall comply with the written policies, rules and regulations of the schools. The expectation of all students is that they will read, become familiar and comply with the Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook: Student Responsibilities and Rules of Pupil Conduct. Contact the WHS Main Office for a paper copy, if desired.

WHS Counseling Department

Counseling Department

The mission of Woodinville High School's counseling team is to provide a comprehensive, developmental counseling program to meet the academic, personal/social, and college/career needs of all students. Counselors are student advocates who support students throughout their high school career and help students prepare for their post-secondary plans. Counselors help students maximize their academic achievement while acknowledging every student’s individual needs.  

1.    Counseling Services

  • Provide individual and group counseling to students as we support their academic, personal and social needs.
  • Collaborate with students, parents, teachers and administrators with the intention to empower students to make informed decisions about their academic success.
  • Monitor and support students meeting their graduation requirements.
  • Support students as they complete their High School and Beyond Plan.
  • Provide consultation for college and career exploration and applications.
  • Explore and connect students and families to community resources.



·       Students can access their counselor without an appointment, before or after school, during Options, or at lunch.

·       If the Counselor is not available, students may fill out a “Counselor Request” form in the main office and request to be called from class to meet with their counselor.

·       Students may email or call their counselor to schedule an appointment.



·       Students are expected to complete courses that they registered for (yearlong or semester). Schedule changes will not be honored.  However, Counselors will meet with students to review their schedule if they are missing a graduation requirement, do not have a complete schedule and/or if the student is academically misplaced, i.e. higher/lower level math class.

·       If a change is requested after ten (10) school days:

o   A Request to Drop a Course form must be filled out and signed by the teacher and parent.

o   The form will then be submitted to Administration for approval or denial

o   If a “Drop” is approved, student will receive an “F” grade on their transcript (district policy). *

§  *If there are extenuating circumstances such as illness, physical disability or inappropriate placement a “W” (withdrawal) may be posted on the transcript (administration approval needed).   



·       College planning and research

·       Assistance with the scholarship search

·       College visits

·       Career exploration

·       Job board postings

·       Summer enrichment postings

WHS has a College & Career Center adjacent to the Main Office. Students can access the center before/after school, during Options, or during lunch to browse and check out materials or to do research on a computer.



A.      Graduation requirement information is available on the Northshore School District website at and in the Northshore School District Course Description Catalog.

B.      Out of district acceptance of credit: Students occasionally choose to earn credits outside of Woodinville High School. It is always recommended that a student contact his/her counselor first to make sure the credit will transfer. Usually, credit earned at an accredited institution will be accepted as long as an official transcript is provided. However, there are some online providers that are not accepted, therefore students are encouraged to check the OSPI website for accredited schools. To preserve the integrity of the comprehensive high school diploma, 85% of the required credits for graduation shall be earned through the student’s comprehensive high school course offerings. No more than 50% of the graduation requirements in any discipline may be obtained from an approved accredited institution outside the Northshore School District.

C.      Seniors who wish to transfer out of district online credit must submit a final official transcript no later thanJanuary 22nd, 2019 prior to the start of second semester. If the course required for graduation is not completed, the student will need to provide proof of enrollment in the out of district online course. If proof of enrollment is not provided, students may be put on a contract or enrolled in the required course at Woodinville High School for the second semester.

D.      Students must successfully complete two courses in any combination of AP, IB, College in the High School, Tech Prep and/or Running Start, unless an alternative course of study is identified through the student’s High School and Beyond Plan.



College in the High School, Pre-AP and Advanced Placement classes are offered at WHS in Business, Fine Arts, Language Arts, Science, Math, Social Studies, and World Language departments. AP and College in the High School courses offer college credit, if requirements are met.



A.      All A, B, C, D, and F grades are computed in a student’s GPA.

B.      A teacher/office assistant position is graded Pass (P) or Fail (F). The grade is recorded on a student’s transcript but not included in the GPA computation.

C.      Students who withdraw from WHS will have their transfer grades forwarded to the new school (mid-semester as well).

D.      A student will receive an F if they choose to drop a course after day 10 into a new semester. A teacher may choose to assign a Withdraw (W) rather than an F grade if extenuating circumstances such as lengthy illness, physical disability, or unusual academic hardship necessitates the withdrawal. An F grade for a class withdrawal is recorded on a student’s transcript by the Registrar. NC is used to denote no credit when a student has exceeded the absences allowed as per the WHS Attendance Policy.

E.      A teacher who wishes to give an incomplete grade to a student can use the NC (no credit) grade until such time that the coursework necessary for a final grade is complete. The teacher is responsible for notifying the Registrar of the final grade when coursework is completed.

F.      Students who fail a class may elect to retake it. Both the original grade and the retake grade will appear on the transcript. However, the original failure grade will not be calculated in the student’s cumulative GPA if requested. Students should see their counselor ahead of time regarding where to retake the course.  The student will also need to complete the appropriate form to post the new grade to the transcript. 

G.     The grading policy shall be:

A = 4.0              B+ = 3.3           C+ = 2.3            D+ = 1.3           P = Pass

A- = 3.7             B  = 3.0            C  = 2.0             D  = 1.0            NC = No Credit

                         B- = 2.7            C- = 1.7             F  = 0.0            There are no A+ or D- grades

H.      Each student’s grade point average shall be the sum of the point values, as defined above, of all the grades received for all courses attempted, divided by the sum of the credits for all courses attempted. All grades for all courses taken shall be included in the calculation of grade point averages; the ‘P’ grade shall not be computed. “P”, “NC”, and “W” are not computed in the GPA. Parents should monitor their student’s grades through ParentVUE and contact the teacher if they have specific questions or concerns.




The WHS Library program is here to help students learn, support school curriculum, develop positive learning habits, and promote literacy. We embrace the philosophy of the American Association of School Libraries Mission Statement, which proclaims:

The mission of the school library program is to ensure that students and staff are effective users of ideas and information; students are empowered to be critical thinkers, enthusiastic readers, skillful researchers, and ethical users of information.

Students learn content and skills in the library program that are essential to college, career, and life, such as:

Advanced Search Strategies

Copyright/Fair Use

Critical Thinking

Cyber Safety

Digital Citizenship

Information Literacy

Internet Safety


Problem Solving

Project Management

Reading Strategies

Research Processes

Source Evaluation

Technology Applications


All students are encouraged to participate in the library program.


Library hours vary according to school schedules, class-needs, staff meetings, special events, and state-mandated testing. We usually are open thirty minutes before school, throughout the school day, and thirty minutes after school.


In NSD, our libraries are staffed with Washington State certified teachers who are also library media specialists, called teacher librarians.

At WHS, we are staffed with one full-time teacher librarian, one part-time teacher librarian, and one part-time library secretary. Our program includes student library assistants and volunteers. We are here to help learners and to create a safe, equitable, and accessible library program.


Contact us with questions or book requests:


Dione Garcia                                 Jennifer Hegeman                         Katy Pietraszak         

Teacher Librarian                          Teacher Librarian                          Library Secretary                              



Students are expected to exhibit exemplary behavior in the library and contribute to a safe and positive learning environment at all times by:

·       Respecting people and property

·       Fully engaging in the learning process

·       Preserving the learning environment

·       Contributing to academic efforts

·       Sustaining inquiry

·       Leaving food and drink outside the library

·       Picking up after themselves

·       Using earphones when working with sound

·       Following directions from library staff

All WHS and NSD rules and expectations apply.

Consequences for not following WHS Library Rules and Expectations may include but are not limited to:

·       Redirection (verbal warning, reminder of rules/expectations)

·       Removal of food or beverage

·       Loss of library privileges for a specified amount of time

·       Detention

·       Referral to the assistant principal

·       Behavior contract

Any behavior that disrupts learning or causes an unsafe situation will not be tolerated.



Classes in the Library

Students coming to the library with their class and classroom teacher should enter the library and sit in on the “teaching side” of the library.

Students should be ready to take notes and participate in the lesson.

Scheduled classes have priority for all library resources, such as: computers, books, the scan station, learning spaces, instruction, and printers.

Independent/Small Group Use During Class Time

Groups of up to five students per class may use the library, unaccompanied by their classroom teacher, as long as space and resources are available. If the library cannot accommodate groups, they will be sent back to class.

Students using the library independently or in small groups during class times must:

·       Sign-in and sign-out at the circulation counter

·       Have their classroom teacher’s permission to be in the library

·       Check-in directly with the teacher librarian if not assigned a class that period

·       Be productive and on-task

·       Follow WHS Library Rules and Expectations

·       Understand that scheduled classes have priority for library resources

If class is in session, students studying independently may work on the study-side of the library. If the library cannot accommodate individuals or groups, they will be sent back to class.

Library Use Outside of Class Time

Students are welcome and encouraged to use the library before school, at options, during lunch, or after school. Students using the library outside of class time are not required to sign-in.

Students may read, find books, browse magazines, use databases, study, do homework, collaborate, get help with projects and technology, or just relax in the library.

Checking Out Library Materials

Books, equipment, and supplies may be checked out at the circulation counter. Students need their student identification card or need to know their student identification number.

Requesting a Book

Students can request books in person or by email. Contact a library staff member.

Returning Library Materials

Books can be returned to the drop box outside the library or the drop box at the circulation counter.

Equipment and non-circulating materials (like textbooks) may be returned at the circulation counter.

Loan Periods

Nonfiction and fiction books can be checked out for three weeks and renewed twice.

Reference books remain in the library, but their contents can be scanned as long as students observe copyright regulations.

Overdue Books

Students are responsible for knowing when library materials are due. Library overdue notices are a courtesy. Students can see what is checked out to them and when items are due by logging into the WHS Catalog with their NSD Credentials.


Fines for overdue and lost library materials are assessed quarterly. Students may return the library materials or pay their fines at the WHS Cashier. Damaged library materials will be assessed for fines at half value if repairable or full value if un-repairable or water damaged.

School Textbooks

Textbooks can be checked out at the circulation counter but must remain in the library.


Students are responsible for printing at home or at the public library; however, the WHS Library is equipped with four printing stations for small, occasional jobs of six pages or fewer.

Composing and editing may be done on any of the other library floor computers besides the print stations. Printing should be the only activity on the print stations, unless a class needs to use all the computers.

Printing is on a first-come, first-served, space-available basis.

If there are special circumstances, students should see a teacher-librarian.

Scan Station

Students may use the book scan station to scan information or original work in color, gray scale, or black and white. The scan station saves directly to GoogleDrive, email, or USB. Remember to observe copyright and fair use guidelines (see Responsible Use Procedure).

Library Computer Use

Students are welcome to use library computers to facilitate their learning. Priority for computers and other library resources are given to scheduled classes and available to drop-ins on a space-available basis. Students working with sound must use headphones. NSD staff may monitor computers. All computer users must comply with the NSD Responsible Use Procedure.     


Always begin your search at the WHS Library Webpage:

Login to the WHS Library Website to see remote access usernames and passwords. ( Go to the upper, right-hand corner of screen.) Use your NSD credentials (student ID # & WHS password.)

Physical copies of passwords are available in the WHS Library at the circulation counter. and are posted outside the library on the bulletin board.

Posting remote access codes online is a violation of user agreements and copyright, so please don’t share them on any public forum.



ABC-CLIO is a specialty collection of ebooks often used in US History, Spanish, and Humanities. Username and password required every time. Click ALL for titles.

Applied Science Online Database includes three STEM databases: Mathematics and Engineering, Science and Medicine, and Technology. No passwords required.



Hoonuit provides access to 50,000 technology-training tutorials on over 205 applications. Tutorials are broken down into short video segments.  Use your NSD Credentials. (Student ID # & WHS Password)


CQ Researcher is the database of Congressional Quarterly, a magazine that provides in-depth reports on global social and political issues written by journalists and professionally fact-checked.

CultureGrams is a database with reports on more than 200 countries. Learn about government, culture, history, customs, maps, music, food, travel and more!

EBSCOHost is a multi-database platform for Literature Resource Center, Novelist, Science, History, Points of View and EBSCOHost Research Databases, which houses: ERIC, Health, Newspaper Source, Mas Ultra, Advanced Placement, Professional Development, & Topic Search. Excellent for academic research.

eLibrary is a multimedia database that includes ebooks, periodicals, newspaper articles, websites, maps, transcripts, and images. eLibrary is published by ProQuest but has different content & search features.


GAPPS is your school GoogleDrive, a platform for collaboration, communication, storage, and media creation. Go to Sign-in with your GAPPs email and NSD Password. GAPPs email is your student ID #

GVRL stands for Gale Virtual Reference Library, a collection of ebooks with over 200 titles. It’s like having your own reference section but better. You’re welcome and to use this collection at the start of any literary, scientific, economic, or historical research and for general interest.

History Study Center contains a variety of sources and media for World and US History. This is a special collection in ProQuest designed for social studies research. 

NSD students can access King County Library System online resources including databases, ebooks, music, audiobooks, and videos. Login at using the prefix 417 and student ID #. Use the last four digits of your student ID # as the password. (Example: 4171000555, 0555)

Naviance College and Career Readiness platform hosts a huge scholarship database, Road Trip Nation, interest inventories, and career and college information. Use for High School and Beyond Plan.

Username: Student ID #  Password: 8 digit birthdate (mm/dd/yyyy)

NoodleTools is a subscription service that generates citations, exports, works cited pages, saves notes and outlines, and has an extensive research and information literacy datase. Access via Google in Education Drive.


ProQuest is a database with scholarly journals, newspapers, reports, millions of pages of digitized historical primary sources, and more than 450,000 ebooks.

OverDrive is a collection of ebooks and audiobooks containing many of the books taught in English at WHS as well as many popular novels. Login with your student ID # and WHS password.

ProQuest Literature contains information on literary works and authors, literary criticism, primary sources, summaries, and multimedia. Includes “Poets on Screen”, videos of contemporary poets reading their work.


SIRS Knowledge Source simultaneously searches two databases: SIRS Researcher, which covers the current controversial issues most studied and debated by students, and SIRS WebSelect, which has results from editorially selected web sites.


TURNITIN is a subscription service that checks papers for plagiarism, encourages peer review, and helps teachers provide feedback. Use your NSD GAPPS email when you join your class and create an original password. Your classroom teacher will give you codes to join.


WHS Catalog

Use your Student ID number and NSD Password to sign-in to the WHS Catalog under the My Info tab to see what’s checked out to you, including textbooks. No sign-in needed to search for books or see book lists under Copy Categories tab or Resource Lists.




Students can use this process to guide their thinking as they conduct research.


A.      Research Preparation

1.      Define your purpose

a.      Determine what you already know

b.      Determine what your need to know

c.      Choose a topic or problem

B.      Formulate Questions

1.      Write down questions to guide research

2.      Revise questions as you learn more to make them more specific and complex

C.      Develop Search Strategies

1.      Write down possible sources

a.      Print, electronic, media

b.      Human resources

c.      Community contacts

d.      Government resources

2.     Write down key words

D.      Locate and Evaluate Sources of Information

1.      Find a source

2.      Evaluate the source

a.      Is the source usable, valid, and credible?

b.      Does the source answer any of your questions?

c.      Do you need to revise your questions?


E.      Read and Organize Information

1.      Take notes and bibliographical information

2.      Organize notes

3.      Do you need more information?

F.      Apply Information

1.      Review purpose

a.      Does the information meet your needs?

b.      Do you have enough to complete your purpose?

2.      Create and present final project

G.     Assess Process and Production

1.      What worked?

2.      What didn’t?

3.      Did your product convey your findings and answer your questions?

4.      What changes will you make to your research/product next time?

5.      What would you do to improve?


ASB Officers & Represenetatives



Woodinville has various activities planned by the Associated Student Body (ASB) and its representatives. Periodic pep assemblies promote school spirit. Other activities are announced daily in the bulletin or over the loud speaker. Students are encouraged to request a new club or activity if enough students are interested, a faculty advisor is available, and if space and facilities can be provided. All students participating in any ASB club must pay for ASB membership ($60).


A.      Executive Council

President: Esh Sathiyamoorthy

Vice President: Andrew Wilson

Secretary: Chloe Jackson

Treasurer: Hunter Banks

Activities Promoter: Tina Zhang

ASB Activities Director: TBD


B.      Senior Class of 2018

President: Lauren Woods

Vice President: Ella Ekstrom

Secretary: Kat Rudd

Treasurer: Nathan Ahlstrom

Co-Advisor(s): Grace Hartinger


C.      Junior Class of 2019

President: Hannah Bahram-Pour

Vice President: Riley Hoopes

Secretary: Casey Takata

Treasurer: Zoe Friedman

Co-Advisor(s): Jamie Olson & Aneet Bains


D.      Sophomore Class of 2020

President: Madison Chan

Vice President: Austin Glen

Secretary: Daniela Roys-Romero

Treasurer: Hayden Brown

Co-Advisor(s): Laurie Johnson & Katie Schramm


E.      Freshmen Class of 2021

Freshmen Representatives: TBD

Advisor(s): Mason Cole and Arika Smith


2.      SUPPLEMENTAL STUDENT FEES (subject to change)

A.      ASB Membership $60.00 - Any student participating in a sport, club, drama, or music MUST pay for ASB membership

B.      Parking Permits $118.72, plus tax per school year or $50.23, plus tax seasonal (see Parking and Student Vehicle Use)

C.      Seasonal Sport/Activity $154.00

D.      Yearbook $55.00

ASB Fundraising Clubs

ART CLUB                                                                                 ADVISOR - SARAH DIGGES

Criteria for Admission: Open to all interested students.

Activities: Student led arts and crafts projects, Pinterest projects, art discussions with peers, and art projects around WHS.

ASL CLUB                                                                                            ADVISOR – RJ JACOBS

Criteria for Admission: Open to all active ASL students.

Activities: The ASL Club is a social organization through the use of ASL. The opportunity for ASL students is to build confidence and increase the communication level outside the ASL classroom.  The members will have an opportunity to expand their leadership skills and coordinate fun events for WHS/NSD students and the deaf community.

BAND                                                                                        ADVISOR-LOREN TANKSLEY

Criteria for Admission: Register for band or orchestra class(es).

Activities: Each group performs at concerts, local, regional, and state contests; band performs at football and basketball games.

CHEER                                                              ADVISORS - JENNY FOOTE/LAURA FROST

Criteria for Admission: Must maintain a 2.5 GPA, be self-disciplined, enthusiastic, dedicated, a great time manager, and a positive role model. Tryouts are held in April or May to select cheerleaders for the following year. Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, or seniors may be on the team.

Activities: Enhance school spirit, lead cheers at sporting events and support athletic teams. Sponsor cheer clinics for youngsters in the community, attend summer camp, and work with ASB to plan events within the school community and assemblies. Participate in fundraisers throughout the year.

CHOIR                                                                                                ADVISOR - MASON COLE

Criteria for Admission:

Bel Canto: Open to junior/senior sopranos and altos. This is our Advanced Treble ensemble. Students should have at least one year of experience in another performing art class (Concert Voices, any instrumental music or drama class). Sophomores who wish to be in Bel Canto must audition. 

Bro Canto: This group is open to all basses and tenors. There is no experience required. If you are interested in singing barbershop tags, jazz, Celtic songs, sailor tunes, and more, this is the place for you! 

Concert Voices: Open to all students. No audition required. No experience required If you are a freshman who loves to sing, a senior who has never sang before, or anything in between, you are welcome in Concert Voices!

Varsity Voices: Open to junior/senior students. This is our Advanced Mixed ensemble. Students should have at least two years of experience in another performing art class (Concert Voices, Bel Canto, any instrumental music or drama class). Sophomores who wish to be in Varsity Voices must audition. 

Activities: All groups sing at several regularly scheduled music concerts, school assemblies, and festivals. These groups also sing at community events, Open Mic Nights, and other gigs throughout the Woodinville area. All groups have the opportunity to travel for competitions. 

CHESS CLUB                                                                             ADVISOR – ERNIE MERRITT

Criteria for Admission: Open to all interested students.

Activities: Chess Club provides an avenue for students to play and learn chess, as well as collaborate and learn new concepts.

DEBATE CLUB                                                                              ADVISOR – ANEET BAINS

Criteria for Admission: Open to all interested students.

Activities: Prepare for and compete in the YMCA Mock Trial district and state competitions.  Prepare plaintiff/prosecution, defense attorneys, and witness to complete against other schools’ teams.

DECA                                                                                       ADVISOR - PAUL GLENOVICH

Criteria for Admission: Students must be currently enrolled in a Marketing class, plus membership fee.

Activities: DECA is the student marketing club, which focuses on leadership and management. Members can participate in a number of activities outside of the classroom. Leadership skills are learned through a variety of conferences and student projects, an excellent way to meet and to know other students.

DRAMA                                                                                    ADVISOR – JOSH BUTCHART

Criteria for Admission: Anyone enrolled in Drama classes at WHS.

Activities: Acting and technically producing our season of shows. Helping with ASB and student activity performances in our Theatre/Black Box.

EARTH CLUB                                                                           ADVISOR – GARY THURMAN

Criteria for Admission: Open to all interested students.

Activities: We are an ambitious and ever-expanding group of freshmen, sophomore, junior, and senior students who are dedicated to the preservation of our world’s ecosystems and their inhabitants.  We believe in reducing carbon footprints, reusing sustainable materials, recycling commonly used products, and rethinking the way that we treat the environment.  Finally, we are confident that small ideas – such as the execution of various projects around our campus and community will lead to a great and positive impact on the Earth at large.

FALCONS LOVE INCLUSION                                               ADVISOR – LAURA BRANDON

Criteria for Admission: Open to all students who are interested in getting to know their peers in special education.

Activities: Create awareness and interactions between students with and without disabilities. Activities include cooking, games, craft projects, art, and socializing.

FBLA                                                                                             ADVISOR – COBY DILLING

Criteria for Admission: Open to all interested students, plus membership fee.

Activities: The purpose of Future Business Leaders of America is to give students an opportunity to learn about the business community and the skills necessary to succeed in business. FBLA members participate in many projects, including fund-raisers, community service activities, business conferences, and social events. Since competition is a major part of our free enterprise system, yearly regional, state, and national conferences are held in which students learn leadership skills and complete in areas that they are studying in school. Any high school student interested in business can join FBLA.

FREE THE CHILDREN CLUB                                                     ADVISOR - HEATHER CLINE

Criteria for Admission: Open to all interested students.

Activities: The purpose of Free the Children Club is to create a world where all young people feel empowered to pursue their dreams and reach their full potential as active, local, national, and global citizens. Young people will challenge apathy by awakening their spirit of volunteerism.

FRENCH CLUB                                                                      ADVISOR - DIANA MORELAND

Criteria for Admission: Students currently taking French classes at WHS are welcome to attend events.

Activities: The French Club highlights francophone countries around the world.  Each month, French Club specialists will present cultural, historical, food and music presentations on a country or region where French is spoken.  French Club members will listen to music from that country or region and will be able to sample food from the area during each monthly event.

GAME CLUB                                                                              ADVISOR - TAYLOR WEAVER

Criteria for Admission: Open to all interested students.

Activities: Game Club provides an avenue for students to collaborate and explore the exciting world of gaming.

GERMAN CLUB                                                                     ADVISOR – MICHAEL ANTLEY

Criteria for Admission: Present or former students of German or admission by club officers. Desire to participate in and contribute to German Club activities, plus membership fee.

Activities: Annual ski retreat, movie evenings, Oktoberfest, foreign exchange student evenings, field trips, video-letter exchange, German Club scholarship, bike trips, music and more.

HOSA (Health Occupations Students of America)    ADVISOR – MARINA OROBINSKAIA

Criteria for Admission: Enrollment in the Health Sciences program, plus membership fee.

Activities: This national student organization is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Health Science Education (HSE) Division of ACTE. HOSA's two-fold mission is to promote career opportunities in the health care industry and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people.

JOURNALISM/MEDIA CLUB                                                       ADVISOR – KURT MELTON

Criteria for Admission: Must maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA. Open to all interested students.

Activities: To inform our student body of the world, culture, and community around us through creativity and pursuance of passions within the club members’ desired means of communication., e.g. newspaper, video, podcast, all the while educating students about media. Duties include informing and sharing perspectives with the student body through respectful and truthful publications of student work and to support student groups of WHS.

KEY CLUB                                                                                                      ADVISOR – TBD

Criteria for Admission: Open to all interested students, plus membership fee.

Activities: This student-led organization teaches leadership through service to others. Members build themselves as they build their schools and communities.


Criteria for Admission: Open to all interested students, plus purchase of t-shirt.

Activities: The mission of Woodinville High School’s Link Crew is to support and encourage Woodinville High School through positive interaction with all grade levels, focusing mainly on freshmen and sophomores. This is accomplished by responsible, caring upperclassmen that promote, lead and invite participation in activities and academics. With this in mind, we are Falcons helping Falcons.

MATH CLUB                                                                         ADVISOR – SCOT MILLHOLLEN

Criteria for Admission: Open to all interested students.

Activities: Solve and discuss solutions of puzzles and other brainteasers. Prepare for AHSME and WSMC Regional and State competitions. Meet other interesting people. Hear from professionals in math-related fields regarding their work, their preparation, and points of view.

MODEL UNITED NATIONS                                                      ADVISOR - JIM BACKSTROM

Criteria for Admission: Open to all students who are interested in foreign affairs and international relations, plus membership fee.

Activities: Model United Nations discusses and researches conflicts around the world and the countries of the United Nations. We participate in district and State Model United Nations conferences. Opportunity to attend national events is also available through associated district clubs.


Criteria for Admission: 30 community service hours, 3.5 GPA, plus membership dues payable in November.

Activities: The Falcon Chapter of the Woodinville High School National Honor Society is dedicated to leadership, community service, and scholarship. Membership is established in four parts. Dues must be paid in November by all grade levels. All dues are paid at the Cashier’s Office or online through TouchBase. Minimum GPA of 3.5 held for two consecutive semesters. Sophomores and freshmen are not eligible for membership until the second semester, but will apply and pay dues in November. A well-written statement by the candidate explaining their qualifications for membership shall be turned in with the Intent to Join form. Thirty hours of community service, with ten hours being dedicated to benefit WHS, will be required. Hours accrued from April of the previous school year will be accepted. All Intent to Join forms and Community Service Tracking forms may be found on the WHS website.

ROV (REMOTELY OPERATED VEHICLE) CLUB               ADVISOR – ERIC CHRISTMYER                         Criteria for Admission: Open to all interested students.

Activities: The purpose of ROV Club is to: bring together groups of students who enjoy STEM, with the focus of building remotely ROVs; to teach students how to use STEM principles to solve real-world problems; to create ROVs and teams to attend the MATE competition; and to promote ROVs and their applications.

ROBOTICS CLUB                                                                            ADVISOR – TIM SWARTZ

Criteria for Admission: Open to all interested students.

Activities: Students have an opportunity to participate in robot construction and to reach out for sponsorships for possible competitions.

SCIENCE CLUB                                                                        ADVISOR – GARY THURMAN

Criteria for Admission: Open to all interested students.

Activities: Science Club is an after-school activity that gives students a chance to learn about science phenomena and technologies that are not usually dealt with in their regular science classes. We do hands on learning projects such as electronics and water rocket building, discuss cutting edge theories in the various fields and practice for interscholastic science competitions. We have a great parental and community support for all of our activities.

SPANISH CLUB                                                                      ADVISOR – KATIE PERLINGER

Criteria for Admission: An interest in Spanish culture. Membership is granted if a student attends at least one activity.

Activities: Students have an opportunity to discuss in depth the culture, cuisine and music of Spanish speaking countries usually not featured in the classroom.  Spanish Club also hosts an annual movie night and yearly social.

SPEAK (Suicide Prevention Education Awareness Kinship)                             ADVISOR – TBD

Criteria for Admission: Open to all interested students.

Activities: Provide students with a safe, comfortable environment to vent, discuss, and learn social skills that will help them discover new coping skills, warning signs of suicide, depression, self-harm, etc. and what to do if a situation occurs.

STUDENT GOVERNMENT (ASB)                                             ACTIVITIES DIRECTOR - TBD

Criteria for Admission: ASB officers are President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, and Activities Promoter. Class Officers are President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. Candidates must meet eligibility requirements listed in the WHS Constitution. Elections for ASB and class offices are held in April for the following school year. Incoming freshmen elect their senators in spring at their respective middle schools.

Activities: ASB officers are responsible for activities that encompass all the students, including Student Council meetings, assemblies, and major events such as Homecoming, Winterfest, Service Week, and Yearbook Distribution Day. Class officers are primarily responsible for fundraising activities to build toward senior activities, such as Senior Prom and Senior Breakfast. Officers are also responsible to motivate their classmates and encourage participation in the major school events.

STUDENT STORE                                                                  ADVISOR – PAUL GLENOVICH

Criteria for Admission: Enrollment in Retail Operations/Student Store course.

Activities: On-campus work experience in a “real” retail business. Student employees are trained to operate electronic cash registers and to handle the following jobs: advertising, purchasing, inventory control, record-keeping, food preparation, stock maintenance, clothing sales, store maintenance and cleaning. Courtesy, service, honesty, confidence, and professionalism identify the successful student working in the store. 

YEARBOOK                                                                                                       ADVISOR – TBD

Criteria for Admission: Two teacher recommendations. See Advisor for applications and recommendation forms. Students will be selected according to at least one of the following: superior writing ability, art background, or photography background.

Activities: Produce the annual. Includes participation at all levels of production: research and interviewing, writing, page layout, photography, marketing and sales, advertising sales, and distribution.

Non-Fundraising ASB Clubs



Asian Culture Club

Christine Traxler

BSU Club (Black Student Union)

Ann Cargill

Book Club (EROW – Elite Readers of Woodinville)

Taylor Weaver

Bowling Club

Alan Dillman

Fashion Club


Film Club

Taylor Weaver

Guitar Club

Nate Hirsch

Hiking Club

Jim Backstrom

Investment Club

Coby Dilling


Athletic Programs



August 20, 2018


November 12, 2018


February 25, 2019

Cross Country

(Frank Shuck)

Mens Basketball

(Kurt Melton)


(Alan Dillman)

Mens Soccer

(Jimmy Holladay)


(Wayne Maxwell)

Womens Basketball

(Scott Bullock)

Womens Softball

(Dani Weir)

Womens Tennis

(Jay McGinness)

Mens Golf

(Terry Agnew)


(Kathie Koch)


(Frank Shuck)

Womens Golf

(Ruth Krochmalny)

Womens Soccer

(Andrew Croft)

Mens Swimming

(George Sayah)

Mens Lacrosse***  

(Pete Crowley)

Womens Lacrosse***  

Womens Swimming

(George Sayah)


(Todd Christensen)

Womens Badminton****  
(Darcy Muzzy)


Mens Tennis

(Jay McGinness)





(Andrea Roelen)



























*Football Season starts August 15, 2018

**Gymnastics Season starts November 5, 2018

***Non–WIAA Sport

****KingCo Sport


A.      The opportunity to participate in the athletic and/or leadership programs at WHS is a privilege available to all students. Because of the public nature of athletic and leadership programs sponsored by the district, students choosing to participate are expected to conduct themselves at all times during their season of participation and between consecutive seasons and/or throughout the school year in a manner that will reflect the high standards and ideals of WHS and their community. Refer to Northshore’s Student Rights and Responsibilities Handbook: Student Responsibilities and Rules of Pupil Conduct Policy 3200, Section XIII for specific rules, consequences, behavior expectations and information on the Student Athletic and Leadership Code.


A.      Register for sports during each seasons open enrollment at  Information is available on the WHS Athletics website.

B.      An athlete must hold a current ASB card. The 2018-2019 card is $60. ASB monies assist with the athletic budget.

C.      All students are expected to meet or exceed a 2.0 GPA in order to be eligible to compete.

1.      District Academic Requirements/High School Grade Policy Timeline can be found on the NSD website.

D.      Be enrolled in and passing five (5) subjects during the grading period of competition (per WIAA policy).

E.      Have passed five (5) subjects in the grading period prior to participation (per WIAA policy).

F.      Must follow WIAA Student Eligibility Requirements as outlined in the WIAA Handbook under section 18.0.0 “Student Standards for Interscholastic Eligibility”.

G.     Must pay the sport participation fee of $154.00, except lacrosse which is a non-WIAA sport.

H.      Strongly recommended that parents attend the Parent Meeting for the sport season (fall/winter/spring) of their student’s sport.


A.      Please take the time to carefully read the information contained on this page, particularly if you intend to turn out for fall sports. Failure to register and be cleared by the Athletic Office prior to the first day of practice makes an individual ineligible for a practice session as this puts the coach and the school in a potential liability situation.

B.      Online Registration through Until online registration through has been completed AND approved by the Athletic Department, you cannot officially practice.  You must be approved before practice days will count toward eligibility.

C.      Physical Examination and Medical History: Every student must have a physical on file with the Athletic Department. A physical is good for two (2) years from the time of the examination and must be good for the ENTIRE sport season (fall/winter/spring) in order to participate the first day of practice.  If there are any questions regarding one’s physical or medical expiration date, please contact the Athletic Department: Mrs. Hector, Athletic Secretary, at 425-408-7491 or Ms. Boyce, Athletic Director, at 425 408-7415.

D.      Running Start Students and WIAA Eligibility form: Full-time or part-time Running Start students must fill out and complete prior to their first sport season, to ensure that student is athletically eligible. The Running Start and WIAA Eligibility form is available on the WHS Athletics website. Course Credit Equivalency: Two 5-credit Running Start quarter courses are equal to 2 high school credits. Students must also provide class schedules and grades once available.

E.      Alternative Education and WIAA Eligibility form: Full-time or part-time students who are attending off-campus accredited classes must fill out and complete prior to their first sport season to ensure that student is athletically eligible. The Alternative Education and WIAA Eligibility form is available on the WHS Athletics website. Students must provide class schedule and grades.

F.      Home School and WIAA Eligibility form: Full-time or part-time students who are home schooled must fill out and complete prior to their first sport season to ensure that student is athletically eligible. The Home School and WIAA Eligibility form is available on the WHS Athletics website. Students must provide class schedule and grades.

G.     ASB Card: All high school athletes must purchase an ASB card sticker prior to their first competitive contest.

H.      Participation Fee: All high school athletes must pay $154 per sport season (not to exceed $308 per year). Families with multiple athletes playing at the same school during the same season will pay $121 per athlete (not to exceed $484 per year or $396 per year for families with athletes playing at the middle and high school level). No sports fees will be receipted until cuts have been made and team rosters have been finalized. This fee can be paid in the Cashier’s Office, Main Office or online. NOTE: Parent/Guardian is responsible for determining the correct fee amount as it applies to their family.